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cheri, 08 Nov 2020i did too so they should update the specs on this Yep. I got too on 31.12.2020. There's hardly any info online that Q60 got Android 10 in India. Lol.

We also have Velvet UI features like new volume adjustment options and multiple accent colours to choose for notification panel and screens.

I find the phone has become faster but so has the battery drainage. Other Indian users please confirm.

So this brings it to a total of 2 updates since launch for LG Q60 India (version LM-X525ZAW). The 1st update was for VoWiFi and security patch.

  • VasyRO

Brownman3, 05 Dec 2020i'm from jamaica i bought a lg q60 but in my country w... moreHi
In case you are not advanced user, be sure first you have a 4G network coverage from your local provider.Then set in Settings.Network.Type 4g of course.😀
If again is no 4g, use another sim with 4g activated with your Phone or test your sim into another terminal.
Hope it is userul.Peace

  • Brownman3

i'm from jamaica i bought a lg q60 but in my country with the both mobile network provider we had here the lg q60 is not showing 4g nor lte on this device how can i upgraded or what to do ?

  • tony

all lg q60 should have NFC.i bought my phone from australia and there is no NFC

  • Anonymous

I hav. A problem with myLG Q60 phone the screen is sometimes black when theres a call coming in and its hard for me to see who is calling

  • cheri

johnyboi, 20 Oct 2020i have just got the update for Android 10 on LGQ60 10.20.2020 i did too
so they should update the specs on this

  • 4im3n

Nanny, 08 Jul 2020Lg Q60 is amzing , and the picture quality is great♥♥i love... morei am about to buy one can u plz tell me more about this phone

  • johnyboi

i have just got the update for Android 10 on LGQ60 10.20.2020

Has India LG Q60 got any update after launch? I am not talking about OS upgrade but about security patch etc...

  • Major

No Android 10 in South Africa. There are only two things which is good for this phone, strong battery and strong network. Am using it but the keyboard is a mess, every word which i type comes comes out three to four of them. Every time i have to delete when typing. Am not getting the best out of it.

  • Mr Lits

Well q60 is my first lg phone and won't be my last🙂
I just love my phone and the features✌👍👍

  • Nanny

Lg Q60 is amzing , and the picture quality is great♥♥i love my phone soo much..i would recommand someone else to buy it♥♥🙏

  • MW

The LG Q60 handset software application is kind of legging as buildin memory is steck up and the memory needs to constantly flush so thats the only minor drawback

  • bra ish

its a good phone...its a budget phone but looks expensive...quality

  • TiredOfBloatware

All the specs of this device are great i mean let us not forget that it is a budget phone after all, if anyone wants a miracle machine well there is the samsung S series or the OnePlus or even the new Huawei's... what i really reaaallly want to know is if any of you fellow nerds now if there is any option in the near future for this bootloader to be unlockable??? the ammount of bullshit apps here in Mexico is insane!! i bought a 64 gigs today and right out of the gate 19 of those gb are useless carrier apps... I cant wait to put some lineage and elementalx on this thing and have it working the way it's supposed to be.

  • CCCMikey

Not all LG Q60s have NFC.

i love the lg q60 .it is not too big not too small .light weight .the light is good on it . it takes such great pictures as if your right there and videos also .gps is great . easy to use .a lot of things come with this phone .my daughter bought top of the line cell phone for $1000.00 and it does not have all that lg q 60 has .so if you want a outstanding phone that will not break the bank has fab performance this phone is for you .

  • korte korte

best phone ever compared to LG k9 i was using way much better

  • akw

Pavi1963, 12 Oct 2019lg are not serious and late to launch the phones so they ar... morei don't know exactly about all features of LG or Samsung , but recently i use Capture+ ability on my LG K10 is very good and for it i want lg again , i find it recently as my screenshot buttons (power + volume down) doesn't work well

  • Anonymous

Good phone for 140 Euros.
Highly recomended.
Battery is fine. Screen is bright enough.
5 years warranty when registered onlinre in LG web site.