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  • Anonymous
  • AA8
  • 04 Dec 2022

I had a great luck with G3 and G6. Did not like the Q6 too much. But the Q70 was a different breed. Like most reviews have commented on, it is slow, laggy and quite frustrating to use. It think the biggest problem was the OS. When it updated to Android 10, that is when I noticed most of the issues popping up. Because of this, I joined the dark side and switched to Apple. I was shocked that Android 11 was available for it earlier this year. After that was installed the phone seemed to perform a lot better. Alps opened and closed smoother. There is still a little hesitation sometimes, but improvement is noticeable. Still sad that LG got out of the cell phone market.

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    • Annom.
    • IJF
    • 23 Sep 2022

    I had an lg metro pcs lte and i like it but.... it could be better..

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      • Ryan
      • 7F@
      • 02 Apr 2022

      Gisso, 09 Jan 2022The worst slowest telephone ever i have used, I am LG user ... moreHa, yeah I can sort of relate. The battery turns awful real fast and the phone moves slow. Otherwise I still like LG in general, but kind of a bad taste for my last LG phone now that they're done making phones (just ordered my S22+ yesterday. End of an LG era for me).

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        • Lillian
        • IJn
        • 28 Feb 2022

        I have had nothing but TROUBLE with this phone the whole time I have gotten. Had to send me a replacement phone and it is beginning to be nothing but problems. I would like to know how you can troubleshoot when your phone will not charge? What a piece of junk this is.

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          • Anonymous
          • D}J
          • 16 Feb 2022

          I've had nothing but problems with this phone ever since I got it; however, I simply tolerated it thinking it might get better:
          Phone has to constantly be rebooted as it freezes up.
          I often have to swipe the answer call on my phone several times before it will finally answer a call. The swipe mechanism often fails to work until after repeated attempts.
          Sometimes the phone will not answer when a call comes in and I keep having to keep pressing the answer key or keep swiping it. Sometimes it causes me to miss the call.
          I'll be in the middle of a text and then the phone sounds like it just took a picture of my page and then it shuts down?
          Charge cord keeps coming unplugged from the cell phone.

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            • Gisso
            • qpM
            • 09 Jan 2022

            The worst slowest telephone ever i have used, I am LG user since 2005. This is gonna be the last one. if there's a -5 Rating, difinetly i will give it to this slow bad weak phone.

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              • LG Q70 CRAP PHONE
              • j$Y
              • 08 Sep 2021

              This LG Q70 is so flipping SLOW!!!! Constantly waiting for apps to open, change screens, open texts, even the keyboard lags! Lots of space on storage and not very many apps installed so WTH? Up to this phone I've been a happy LG owner but next year I'm switching to Samsung.

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                • Anonymous
                • s2M
                • 29 Aug 2021

                This phone is the worst I haven't been able to make or receive calls for 5 days! And they telling me it could be another 3 to 5 days! I have found out more about it on google then. Verizon has told me

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                  • Anonymous
                  • R04
                  • 21 Aug 2021

                  This phone is very annoying and slow. Drops calls and has a mind of its own. Sometimes I have to restart several times before it will actually wake up. Photos are not the best. Can't load different apps. A total waste of money. I'm not impressed with it at all.

                    Worst phone Ive ever owned. Keyboard is complete garbage. It freezes frequenting. Types multiple of the same letters. Screen glitches interupt every keystroke.
                    Bought brand new 4 months ago.
                    Its been complete garbage after the first 2 months.
                    This phone will leave you frustrated and highly pissed off on a daily basis. You will walk around with a ugly pissed off look on your face every single day you own this pppiiiecee of crap!!

                      Don't waist your money! I was in a hurry cause my Samsung dropped dead and I have to have a phone ASAP for my job in security. I played at the VERIZON store 400.00 dollars and it was 150.00 cheaper online too. Biggest POS I've ever owned, slow. Reboots when it want too, screen locks and after one year the charging port for the phone is moving around and I have too move the USBC charger around to get it to work. All honesty my IPhone 5 was better and faster. I'm happy to say I'm going back to an iPhone today. Better quality and I've never had one stop working ever. Countless androids have bit the dust though!

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                        • Ghaith
                        • xDy
                        • 12 Jun 2021

                        I am an LG user for almost 9 years, i can say that this phone is really the worst one i have ever get.
                        Screen and back glass are so sensitive and broken easily.
                        Super slow phone.

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                          • unhappy
                          • jSt
                          • 28 Mar 2021

                          the worst, slowest phone EVER!

                            This phone has been the bane of my existence. I have already replaced the first one through warranty with Spectrum. I received my replacement phone and it's exactly as bad ad the original. Very slow. GUI constantly shuts down. Overheats. I can't believe the quality of this phone and I'm still making payments. There really needs to be a resolution for this. I've talked to LG and they really don't want to deal with it, telling me to contact Spectrum. Ugh.

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                              • GCP
                              • IDY
                              • 03 Mar 2021

                              Worst Phone Ever, 11 Feb 2021I HATE this Phone. It is the SLOWEST phone ever. I sure h... moreTotally agree same problem with mine

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                                • oxygen user
                                • Iux
                                • 12 Feb 2021

                                Dishonored, 02 Sep 2019400 euro for these IS LG alright ? Xiaomi redmi not&e... morefor 400 euro u could buy a 7t pro 5g or an 8 5g

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                                  • oxygen user
                                  • Iux
                                  • 12 Feb 2021

                                  gnxbrave, 16 Jun 2020Should I get this or Galaxy A8? oneplus 7t

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                                    • oxygen user
                                    • Iux
                                    • 12 Feb 2021

                                    Anonymous, 08 Sep 2020for around 400 there are better phones from samsung.especially from oneplus

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                                      • Worst Phone Ever
                                      • IjE
                                      • 11 Feb 2021

                                      I HATE this Phone. It is the SLOWEST phone ever. I sure hope I don't have an emergency to call 911 because it would not go through. Screen freezes constantly you have to always hold the power and low volume button and it takes forever to shut down. Doesn't really fix any problems like it says it should. My opinion - don't waste your money on this phone!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • kUi
                                        • 08 Feb 2021

                                        I've only been using this phone 5 days & I HATE it. The service with Spectrum is good, but the LG Q70 sucks. It is so hard to navigate from page to page. No home key to leave a screen or exit a page. It sucks