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  • Steven

Redpinerick, 19 Oct 2020 I bought the LG Q70 to use with a drone that requires 5G... moreYes the phone is not 5g compatible its only 4g

  • Anonymous

I hate this phone. More than half the time it does not get my words right when I do talk-to-text. Google does not understand me half the time it does not work. The reactions are slow no matter what I do. Sometimes it's difficult to swipe. This is the worst phone I have ever ever had and I am still paying for it.

  • DanW

Gary, 23 Nov 20205GHz wifi has much shorter (1/3) the range of 2.4 GHz. Lite... moreHigher frequency signals (5.0) have a shorter range than lower frequency signals (2.4). That is the nature of RF signals. The advantage of 5.0 is higher data speeds. So, bottom line is: 5.0 gives faster data at shorter distances; 2.4 give slower data at longer distances. It works that way for all phones.

  • Gary

Redpinerick, 19 Oct 2020 I bought the LG Q70 to use with a drone that requires 5G... more5GHz wifi has much shorter (1/3) the range of 2.4 GHz. Literally it cannot work for >100m, practically - 60m. Is it possible that it's a range issue?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2020It is true the phone "can" get slow. But, as long... moreTrue.. you want the phone to be smooth, you need to take care more..
it's not the system is managed by AI to do works for you.. be realistic

  • Anonymous

Brady, 17 Oct 2020Yeah I currently have this phone and omg is it slow. Do got... moreIt is true the phone "can" get slow. But, as long as you have a task killer downloaded, I use AVG cleaner, the phone works perfectly. Also don't forget to clear out all this apps in the background, because they just waste previous memory you don't need. I've great thing about the cleaner is it'll tell you the battery drainers, as well as must days used, etc. Hope this helps.

I bought the LG Q70 to use with a drone that requires 5G Wi-Fi. I can't get the phone to connect to my drone controller at 5G Wi-Fi, it will only connect at 2.4G, it is a dual band phone. Does anyone have any idea why I'm having this difficulty ?

  • Brady

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2020This is the worst phone I've ever had. Bulky, and SO S... moreYeah I currently have this phone and omg is it slow. Do got to say very nice camera and lovely screen along with the design of the phone itself is nice and sleek and good storage what my God does this phone like to lag Skip and take 2 minutes to open a app when I'm watching YouTube and I switch between portrait and view it really likes to lag and that upsets me I don't think it's the chipset or the ram or flash memory I think it has to do with LG firmware programming and if LG sees this please fix it it would take most likely a simple update it wouldn't speed it up fully but it would be nice to have a faster phone as I said though it's a nice phone physically but something with the firmware it's fishy for all we know it could be a simple fix such as changing a 1 to a 0

  • Anonymous

Tom, 14 Jul 2020Okay so here's a short review. I bought this phone few... morefor around 400 there are better phones from samsung.

  • Tom

Okay so here's a short review. I bought this phone few months back in Korea (around $390).

Snapdragon 675 ain't big shot but for an average user like myself it's quite enough for daily activities: call, message, music, web browsing and some gaming.... I compared to my friend's XSMax and Q70 is slower in gaming, but it's not that bad. For me the performance is acceptable for this price.

I'm not into taking photo so I can't give more details about the camera, to me it's okay, has manual mode and I can tune focus myself which is good.

Audio quality is awesome! With a decent headphone, the quad DAC really shines, it gives your music to another level. IMHO it deserve the best music-player-phone nominate (or any phones which have similar DAC).

Battery is good, there's no official testing from GSMArena but you can find phones with same specs in the table, I think they share similar battery life.

IP68 and MIL-STD-810G are big bonus to me, I love my things last.

Update: Before buying, I was skeptical about LG would deliver update in the next decade or so. But yesterday I received an OTA Android 10 update. My neighbor asked me if I need medical support when I screamed of joy.

Pros: Brilliant audio quality (and 3.5 jack), high chance of survive in an apocalypse
Cons: The back is made of glass, I prefer something more durable, like vibranium. Since I bought this in Korea, it has some Korean characters here and there even I set the language to English (like the ringtones), and lock screen shows two clocks, one is my time zone, the other is Korean's, I can't remove the Korean's. It's annoying sometimes.
Conclusion: if you're a music enthusiast like me, and want a phone with decent specs enough for some lightly gaming, web and shit, then this phone is for you (plus it doesn't have Chinese scam apps). Or else if you prefer a beast with cheapest price possible and ditch everything else, there are tons of Chinese brands to select from.

  • Anonymous

This is the worst phone I've ever had. Bulky, and SO SLOW! Frequently skips around on it's own, It was "free" from Verizon with a two year contract. I thought I could work with it for two years but not going to be able to. I should have known a "free" phone would be exactly you-get- what-you-pay-for.

  • Anonymous

I'm in the use but my LG g70 case is broken it doesn't especially the back where can I find it for a good deal huh

Should I get this or Galaxy A8?

q, 27 Mar 2020Worst thing in mobile history that LG discontinued developi... moreOk

M, 03 Feb 2020I've had the Q70 since late September 2019 (South Korea) - ... moredid you test IP68 waterproof by yourself
what about it
works good???

  • q

Worst thing in mobile history that LG discontinued developing midrangers, and moved out of Eastern Europe baltic states.
They were ultra popular here.

  • M

I've had the Q70 since late September 2019 (South Korea) - the V50 was a bit out of my price range. Honestly, it's a really good phone for anyone who's not doing anything too heavy. The camera is great for the social media tendencies of the general population. The HDR is lovely and the wide angle is great for getting in most of a spectacular view. There's a 'manual' photograph mode too, for those of us who know a little bit more about taking the perfect picture. The selfie camera is pretty good - I don't tend to take a lot of selifes, but I do video call a lot, so for what I need it for, it's great.
Resolution is good for unintensive mobile games, the colour is really nice and I can't ask for anything more from the on-board speaker. There's a microSD card slot, and the headphone jack is a plus, too.

The device itself is weightier than perhaps other phones on the market, but I for one really like that. I like knowing that my phone is in my hand, or that I can feel it in my bag without having to go look for it. Battery life is great too. If I barely use my phone through the work day, I'm heading home at about 85%. If I spend a good chunk of time playing games during my breaks, I'm going home with about 70% at the end of a 7 hour work day.
Again, I don't do much with my phone beyond what a normal person does: social media, a few pictures here and there, online shopping, and games. So if you're looking for a powerful phone without the flagship price tag, I'd say this is a good option.

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2020Headphone Jack with high quality audio, SD Card slotI guess you're illiterate because I said "apart from the sd card slot". And ohhhh noooo a slightly better jack. 24 bit audio isn't gonna kill you. It's still better than the typical 16 bit audio from most other jacks. And it certainly isn't a big enough difference to get this over the vastly superior Mi 9T Pro.

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 21 Oct 2019Are you kidding me? "Cheap chinese phones" have all that an... moreHeadphone Jack with high quality audio, SD Card slot

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

PKM1, 02 Nov 2019Chinese phones are cheaper but they are not reliable.I have... moreCheap LCD? I guess... x-x