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  • 29 Jan 2023

NeonHD, 28 Jan 2023Wow thank you for answering my question.... 8 YEARS LATER!!... moreYou're welcome 😊
The LG W series used stock Android, but was made by an ODM called Huaqin that makes all Samsung phones since 2018.
The G7 One does run stock Android, but it's an ODM phone too

    Minu, 28 Jan 2023This is the only non-ODM LG phone to run stock Android, apa... moreWow thank you for answering my question.... 8 YEARS LATER!!! 🤯

    Also don't forget about LG G7 One, that's the last stock android device from LG, I think

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      • ter
      • 28 Jan 2023

      NeonHD, 25 Nov 2015LOL did no one pay attention to the fact that its running S... moreThis is the only non-ODM LG phone to run stock Android, apart from the LG K7 2017

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        • Anonymous
        • LrW
        • 07 Oct 2016

        This phone is total garbage i hay this phone for two months and i was going to my phone carrier company for fixing every week it kept rebooting al the time they eventually gave me another phone of the exact same model and the same thing happened whiting two days. This was my fist and last lg phone ever

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          • uNV
          • 10 Jun 2016

          please tell me about this phone camera and headset....???

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            • Pvi
            • 14 May 2016

            I'm planning to buy it, i'm reading all kind of bad stuff for this device wich in my opinion is good for the money u spend, always see people compares samsung high end devices with this kind of phones, people talks a lot about phone specs but at the end they only uses it for basic apps, if u want get something better go straight And buy a g5 or s7 And shut up people want get too much for a few bucks cause r the only bucks they have left in their pockets, thanks lg for the different budget phones we can buy

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              • AnonD-489760
              • 8Fp
              • 17 Jan 2016

              This phone wasn't released to compete with flagships, in fact this phone was released to those areas where 4G is not very common, i wouldn't call this a mid-range phone, this is more like a budget phone. There are many people who wouldn't spend a crazy amount of money over a phone.

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                • AnonD-482731
                • 7Xg
                • 31 Dec 2015

                its ok but the chips and 1 ram is a fail

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                  • AnonD-470555
                  • UNB
                  • 31 Dec 2015

                  3000 mAh with medium performance CPU + low Density LCD = Great Battery life..!!
                  with a 13Mp camera and 16 gb storage ? (not to mention micro SD slot that some manufacturer omited nowadays -_- )
                  And of course standard LG Service and Guarantee..
                  This phone is actually a Sweet spot for ... well for everyone..
                  as a main Phone..
                  you can take it and actually USE it for everyday task..
                  without checking the battery indicator every few hour ( raise ur hand if u do it with your "Megalicious Performance Value For Money that everyone hyped about" Phone :D )
                  no frantically search for power outlet just after lunch..

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                    • SAMSUNG TROLL
                    • UD{
                    • 08 Dec 2015

                    Samsung stopped looking phenomenal after S4 and S4. All their phones are just different in sizes and screen features, the apps are the same. Only cool about them are the sides. Waterproof and won't crack? welp some of my friends had XPeria and Samsung with these features but seems that not all phones with these brands are capable to do so.

                      sean, 26 Nov 2015Another Samsung troll... the only better thing is 1.5GB Ra... moreThis looks kinda ugly too, and it is bigger than the G3 and G4.

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                        • AnonD-450496
                        • XMI
                        • 04 Dec 2015

                        Anonymous, 03 Dec 2015like sammy for example... a series 2016 rocks !!!!!!Exactly! Samsung's 2016 A series is phenomenal!

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                          • 9LA
                          • 03 Dec 2015

                          AnonD-450496, 03 Dec 2015This phone is really stupid. I mean even the moto G 3rd gen... morelike sammy for example... a series 2016 rocks !!!!!!

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                            • AnonD-450496
                            • XMI
                            • 03 Dec 2015

                            This phone is really stupid. I mean even the moto G 3rd gen has 2gigs of RAM. LG has no midranger. Instead of releasing such dumb phones LG should focus on building a budget and midrange lineup like all other manufacturers.

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                              • Tolkien
                              • 2m6
                              • 01 Dec 2015

                              MT6592 is a 2 years old, Cortex A7 SoC. No LTE, no 64bit, oldscool RAM and eMMC support, etc. This phone is on the level of Galaxy S3. So this phone should be a joke from LG... Must be.

                                I'm still surprised that people are ignoring the fact that it runs on Stock Android, NOT LG's UI.

                                Running Stock means that the phone can do much better on 1GB of RAM than if it were to have LG's laggy UI.

                                EDIT: Is this phone running stock though?

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                                  • AnonD-237518
                                  • a0m
                                  • 30 Nov 2015

                                  1gb ram not good

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • NHU
                                    • 29 Nov 2015

                                    dumb and its gonna fail
                                    1 GIG ram for that specs....gudluck LG

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                                      • AnonD-454439
                                      • HBt
                                      • 28 Nov 2015

                                      5.5' 720p display - Insta Epic fail. Also, very ugly phone

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                                        • AnonD-417519
                                        • ft0
                                        • 27 Nov 2015

                                        LG keeps producing not interesting phones
                                        what does this phone differ from lg class or magna or vista !!
                                        so , LG please produce different features instead of just changing the name of the phone