LG reveals upcoming Google Assistant powered ThinQ Speaker

Prasad, 28 December 2017

LG has revealed its upcoming Bluetooth speaker called ThinQ Speaker. The key feature of this speaker is that it comes with Google Assistant built-in.

Along with being able to do your typical Google Assistant tasks like asking about the weather or the news or anything else, the ThinQ Speaker will also be able to integrate with LG's line of smart home appliances. You will be able to tell Google Assistant to turn on your air purifier or your robot vacuum cleaner.

LG has also partnered with Meridian Audio for the speakers and the device is capable of streaming high quality lossless files.

The LG ThinQ Speaker will be officially announced at CES 2018.

Along with that, LG also announced some Bluetooth speakers, portable party speakers and a Dolby Atmos sound bar.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-702955

Thanks for the suggestion and I thought about getting the HK Invoke with Cortana built-in before.

  • Anonymous

You should consider getting a Harmon Kardon Aura Studio 2. It is a great device. It does not have built in Google assistance however you can find them on sale half priced at different retail stores.

  • AnonD-702955

I've been looking into getting a BT speaker, if this one has the added benefit of Google Assistant built-in and comes at a fair price then I'll get it.