LG Rumor Reflex  LN272

LG Rumor Reflex LN272

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  • AnonD-212727
  • 7JS
  • 25 Jun 2015

Ah,this phone. While I did like the LG Rumor Touch, that phone while very basic, was pretty rocking for messaging, the "upgrade" Rumor Flex was more of a downgrade, for one, it had NO MP3 PLAYER... Nuff said, this phone made no sense. They keyboard well in the light it was hard to see the letters.. I unfortunately do not recommend this phone :(

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    • Karter
    • jG{
    • 17 Jun 2015

    Aldo, 09 Jun 2013Anyone having troubles with dropped calls, poor signal.Yes my calls drops

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      • DUKEEE
      • 4SB
      • 13 Jun 2015

      i'm trying to put my in phone photos to my micro sd in my phone

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        • G. Richardson
        • scf
        • 08 Nov 2013

        This is the worst cell phone I've used. The keyboard is virtually impossible to see in most light conditions because its silver finish reflects light and the keys' pale blue backlighting defines nothing -- unless used in darkness. The keyboard is incredibly sluggish, with the space bar especially requiring inordinate firmness of touch. Charge life is short. When I sought to exchange it, Credo phone service offered to replace it with a REFURBISHED Reflex OR one of five smartphones, which require hundreds of dollars in added charges. And my renewed contract was binding, with or without new phones. Credo calls itself the only politically "progressive" phone company; it donates one percent of revenues (a paltry sum at best) to liberal causes. It's a good ploy that serves to mask sleazy business practices.

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          • Emmaco
          • Nug
          • 20 Sep 2013

          the phone is a good one via the specs and everyone will like to have one of it.

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            • Sys-Eng
            • 89v
            • 29 Jun 2013

            Aldo, 09 Jun 2013Anyone having troubles with dropped calls, poor signal.I very rarely get more than 2 signal bars even when I am looking at the nearest Sprint cell tower. Without a good signal, all the features in the world are worthless.

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              • Aldo
              • 4%0
              • 09 Jun 2013

              Anyone having troubles with dropped calls, poor signal.

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                • Anonymouse
                • kDi
                • 29 Apr 2013

                Anonymous, 18 Sep 2012Not everyone wants/needs a fancy os like Android/iOS/Symbia... moreYou are only half correct. iOS is over-rated, Droids, however, they do everything and anything you want, are ridiculously reliable, and, depending on what you do with your phone, there are many different choices involving size, brand, and price point. iPhones on the other hand are stronger than Apple gives them credit for and aren't very reliable. Sure, you've gort a big name behind you, but that's what you pay for, the big name, the status symbol. Sad that these piddly little devices are still being made when Google has created one of the best Mobile Phone OS's currently available

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                  • Anonymous
                  • YP9
                  • 18 Sep 2012

                  Lac, 28 Jun 2012This phone is anounced in 2012 and it doesnt have OS. LOWNot everyone wants/needs a fancy os like Android/iOS/Symbian on their phone. If the phone works and does it's job, who cares. In fact, you get fewer issues with proprietary OS's.

                  In many ways Android and iOS are overrated.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • qiQ
                    • 22 Aug 2012

                    Charlie, 15 Apr 2012Im thinking of getting this phone, but does it have games o... moreYes butt u need internet 2 putt it there

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                      • Anonymous
                      • qiQ
                      • 22 Aug 2012

                      Anonymous, 05 Jun 2012I am thinking about getting this phone but does it let you ... moreU can do eather way

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                        • Lac
                        • 0C1
                        • 28 Jun 2012

                        This phone is anounced in 2012 and it doesnt have OS.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • kCZ
                          • 05 Jun 2012

                          I am thinking about getting this phone but does it let you text by just clicking the screen or do you have to use the keyboard?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • nIG
                            • 06 May 2012

                            FAIL. Get a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro instead.

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                              • Charlie
                              • Qdj
                              • 15 Apr 2012

                              Im thinking of getting this phone, but does it have games on it like fruit ninja and angry birds?

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                                • elias
                                • N9K
                                • 13 Apr 2012

                                I am surprised that its not a GSM phone.So what is it? XDRUID..

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • j63
                                  • 12 Apr 2012

                                  Just purchased this phone through Boost Mobile. Easy to set up. I really feel for the money it is a great phone. So far no problems.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • rN}
                                    • 12 Apr 2012

                                    I love this little phone! it is very light weight and stylish. i have seen no flaws, although i have only had it a few days. I think it is a good phone for someone with no data, but for people with data, i have no idea. i really like the touchscreen and the voice command. i would defenitly recommend this! P.S.- there have been no stores i can find selling cases for this phone, but amazon has lots!

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                                      • Gamaliel Ik
                                      • fuN
                                      • 16 Mar 2012

                                      My lg GR500 slid hav problem, when am tring 2 on it, it wil just show lg without booting

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                                        • ginny
                                        • kBB
                                        • 16 Mar 2012

                                        Mac, 15 Mar 2012New style of phone for me but I've found it full of feature... morei have had rumor reflex for about a week. yes i agree touchscreen is very sensitive, thats good & bad i guess. I've made calls by accident also & text msgs. have you had any problems with beeping noise while on voicecalls? I can't figure out what it is.