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my wife has it and it still works!

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    • Anonymous
    • gGc
    • 26 Aug 2020

    I use this as a 3rd hand phone,as of now it is over 5 years old,and still handles most apps like a champ.Recently Cracked the screen but it still is functional,I would recommend the LG spirit to anybody on a very strict budget,as it is reliable,quick,Has LG's innovative features like front camera gesture control,and the knock code.Battery can still pull an all nighter watching youtube.My only complaints is that sometimes it has the tendency to freeze and it is very difficult to take a screenshot due to the placement of the buttons,the buttons themselves have a nice feeling pattern to them that give grip,but the rear plastic is really easy to scratch,it can sometimes be annoying at night when the light(proximity?) sensor doesnt know what to do so it rapidly turns on and off the screen.Camera,well if you manage to manipulate the laser focus it can take sharp pictures,but attempt to capture anything up close and you will be left with a blurry mess.

    All in all,This is a really decent budget phone for children for example if you dont care if it breaks.

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      • Good night sweet pri
      • 0Tn
      • 07 Aug 2020

      Had this phone for 4 years (got with mobile provider postpaid contract for cheap). Boy, what a journey it was. It served it purpose like a giant. No lagging, no breaking down, no viruses, glitches, battery worked for up to 2 days, navigation took me for ~1000km per day and without car-charging, simple and useful factory UI and apps, no connectivity issues with any devices out there, made tons of pictures and videos with this bad boy which fits in pack of ciggaretes... worth every cent.

      Besides some Android issues and OS reinstall in last year, and broken glass (but not screen) after drop on concrete pavement from 1m height nothing ever broke on this phone.

      Although in 2020 being rammed with prices by other brands, LG is deffinitely brand of phones I'd go after if money is not an option. Very positive feedback for LG and this bad boy.

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        • picak
        • 8wE
        • 12 Feb 2020

        unknown user, 17 Dec 2017the lg spirit h440n is the worst phone i ever had and i don... moreyou must restart this phone

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          • Anonymous
          • LX7
          • 17 Jun 2019

          Jim Shcneider, 14 Jan 2019My LG Spirit (3G) is 3.5 years old. The screen is finally s... moreIt would cost you like $50 in parts to repair and say $40 more in labor, not sure it's worth it, this is an ancient phone which was just average at the time, you could get a redmi 7 for like $120 USD twice the battery.

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            • Xentiment
            • S7x
            • 15 Apr 2019

            Jim Shcneider, 14 Jan 2019My LG Spirit (3G) is 3.5 years old. The screen is finally s... moreYou can downgrade to 5.0 using LG UP software. One tip to save your time is to get uppercut from XDA before falshing as it will register your phone automatically. Google it for more info.

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              • Jim Shcneider
              • nwt
              • 14 Jan 2019

              My LG Spirit (3G) is 3.5 years old. The screen is finally shattered after two falls from 2 meters. The battery holds around 50% of its original charge (charging at least once everyday, that's 1200 cycles) and is now starting to bulge. The phone is completely worn out. But somehow it still works. I regret updating it to Marshmallow because I lost root and can't do the proper clean up that it needs. I'm having a hard time throwing this away and buying a new one.

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                • ammy
                • t1{
                • 27 Dec 2018

                how to turn on led torch in LG c70ds??

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                  • Anonymous
                  • pWW
                  • 11 Aug 2018

                  After two years usage it worked fine, but battery is very bad. It took long to load and then it was draining all this time, I needed to load it again over 1 time a day.

                  I now have Xiaomi, no this problems, and someone buyed this LG phone for 25 euros next to my home door. So glad it sold out, I will not get LG phone because of default battery.

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                    • Kapa
                    • RNM
                    • 21 Jul 2018

                    winnie, 15 Jun 2018pls how can i photo screenshot Press and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time to take a screenshot.

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                      • winnie
                      • fsV
                      • 15 Jun 2018

                      pls how can i photo screenshot

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                        • haggiboo
                        • 0pp
                        • 03 Jun 2018

                        Igot mine free so cant complain lol I useit mostlt as a tether for my tablet and it works great

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                          • hpguru
                          • 6u8
                          • 10 May 2018

                          Bad phone, I had it at a time of release for about a year.

                          GPS never worked, battery is BAD. I mean it is. It barely holds a day as new and when after year it is unusable. You can go work and back with a battery about to die.

                          Worst thing about this phone, is that one of my family member is still using it, and battery is almost dead... but you can't find a replacement battery!!! Phone is okey for person.

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                            • AnonD-754221
                            • 3A9
                            • 23 Apr 2018

                            I can't understand why people don't like this thing. It's compact, it has a cute size and design with a slightly curved screen and does what you would normally expect a phone of this price range to do. The lag many people experience is probably because the phones they've bought
                            were second hand and they didn't even know it or because they've bloated them with "Candy Crush" style crap. I haven't experienced any annoying lag other than one or two times were I have left a couple of apps opened and tried to move too quickly through the menus. I really don't get what people are thinking sometimes...

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                              • Anonymous
                              • Jb$
                              • 11 Apr 2018

                              unknown user, 17 Dec 2017the lg spirit h440n is the worst phone i ever had and i don... moreExactly, worst thing I've bought.

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                                • IUR
                                • 0x5
                                • 25 Feb 2018

                                440n also has NFC

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                                  • trisa
                                  • p$C
                                  • 29 Jan 2018

                                  King Manthu, 26 Nov 2017I love this phone but now It doesn't read my SIM Help me root and carmeleon will fix that

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                                    • unknown user
                                    • pVN
                                    • 17 Dec 2017

                                    the lg spirit h440n is the worst phone i ever had and i dont recomend it to anyone, it lags even on home screen and youtube videos.

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                                      • King Manthu
                                      • fmq
                                      • 26 Nov 2017

                                      I love this phone but now
                                      It doesn't read my SIM
                                      Help me

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                                        • Spirit user
                                        • 04U
                                        • 03 Nov 2017

                                        Worst phone ever.