LG Stylo 2 currently going for as low as $60 in US

Himanshu, 26 November 2016

The LG Stylo 2 has received a price cut in the United States. A quick look at the device's listing on Amazon reveals that it's currently going for as low as $60 in the country.

Specifically, the Boost Mobile variant of the handset is listed for $59.99, down from the $99.99 price tag it usually carries. On the other hand, the Virgin Mobile model is currently going for $69.99, which translates into a discount of $110.

There's currently no information on when the deal ends, so those interested in availing it may have to act fast.



Reader comments

True but samsung stepped up and admitted the problem and was happy to takle notes back, lg on the other hand not so.

  • G6 user

yeah sure but at least wont exploit on your face

  • Anonymous

Cricket is offering it for only $49.99

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