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LG Stylo 5

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  • TBGood

None of our opinions on these phones matter anymore since LG stop making phones and although I like my LG 5 it crapped out on me only after about 3 years still has a good battery though but won't connect to a tower any tower any frequency

  • KC

Walle , 22 Jun 2021I don’t remember my pattern how else can I unlock my phone ... moretheres an easy way to do it if you dont have google account ...give it a reset like mentioned , dont remember the exact procedure but its on youtube .....took me several vids before i got it for my stylo4 sure its the same though ...seems hard but once you do it its easy as duh ....go through set up get wifi turned on dont try to sign in go to accessability and get to google maps ....theres diff ways .....cant remember but it can be done .....took me 2 days to get it and it was easy after that ....was several yrs ago......it can be done ....oh will ease all info you have but your in ......

  • KB

been a fan of the stylus phones had the 4 and the 5 there a decent phone for the price mid grade but i think its time for something new :) i recommend

  • Ive been Bamboozled

I was sent to the phone store to get a new phone for myself after what happened to my old phone. I was originally gonna get a galaxy, but the worker there told me that if I wanted a phone with good quality and camera settings I should get this. That guy can rot in hell because ive never felt more lied to wtf! This camera is ass. Pretty decent phone but the galaxy like i planned, would have been better.

  • dylan

worst fuc....n phone Its a disgrace together with pep stores

  • Anonymous

Hope you burn inn hell this phone sucks balls! Not been worth shit..

  • Anonymous

I like mine, no mayor problems, only minor problems.

  • Anonymous

Walle , 22 Jun 2021I don’t remember my pattern how else can I unlock my phone ... moreYou'll have to do a factory reset through the bootloader menu. Hope you know your Google account info, because FCC regs require you to sign in with that to recover any Android phone that was reset outside of the main settings. If you don't know your Google account info, the phone will lock after reset until you sign in with the correct info.

  • Walle

I don’t remember my pattern how else can I unlock my phone or do I hold the turn the phone off and hold the two volume buttons

  • Walle

I don’t remember my pattern how else can I unlock my phone or do I hold the turn the phone off and hold the two volume buttons

  • Anonymous

I'm fine with mine, Never had a major problem with it.

  • Android Lover

Hello World,

This is a budget friendly phone. Most phones that are budget friendly are not going to last as long as the flagship phones. I have had this phone for almost 2 years, for the cheap phones it seems to last. I did not want to spend 1k on a phone with Verizon. I like that the finger print is on the back. And the phone was free with Verizon (how they trap you with the free phone that isnt really free)

Any phone you spend under $500 dollars on you cannot expect it to last 7 years or so. 2 years would be a blessing. Ive owned J7, J3, J whatever Samsung buget friendly phones, even the first LG stylio 1 and it has come a long way.

Just under 2 years you will notice keyboard delays and delays opening camera which really are disappointing but not unexpected.
The camera is decent but not competitive overall, decent phone.
If you are expecting longevity buy an expensive phone because at the end of tge day you get what you pay for.
But I am not willing to pay a downpayment on a car for a device like a phone that can be lost or stolen or dropped then broken. Sorry not sorry

  • Anonymous

Drew, 28 Aug 2020This has been the worst phone ive ever used. Talking on spe... moreComcast is the worst

  • Anonymous

Yammer, 27 Sep 2020TL;DR: for it's price point it's overall subpar, ... moreIt's your carrier

  • BJ

Bought a LG Stylo 5 as a gift for my husband less than 2 years ago, before I had totally paid for the darn phone, it died. T -Mobiles suggestion was to buy another phone. Very upsetting. I have a LG K20 Plus, it has lasted me 5 years and still working fine. Save your money do NOT buy a LG Stylo 5!! I also hate that you cannot access the battery, so there does not seem a good way to totally restart the phone.

  • disappointedGuy

not just the worst LG phone i've had, but the worse phone I've had in the past 10 years. Big disappointment. I had a stylo 1, 2 & 3 and loved these phones. Switched from my Iphone to the stylo 5 for a year and its just been a nightmare. This phone is wayyyy too slow for you to use it for important things.

  • info

Cher, 29 Dec 2020Where do I buy a stylus?The stylus is in the bottom of the phoneJust pull it out

  • Anonymous

Cher, 29 Dec 2020Where do I buy a stylus?Amazon sells em for 6 bucks

  • Anonymous

Lg Stylo 5 is garbage and a total let down. had poor experience with lg support as well. phone didnt last 2 years with above average care, no cracks. Verizon offers $1.80 for trade in credit lmao what a joke. purchased from best buy and they would do nothing to help either. in short, lg, verizon, and best buy can kiss my ass. boooooo

  • Anonymous

PRO 810, 10 Mar 2021Blink LED and Flash alerts are disabled, yet, flash blinks ... moreMine is phsycotic too