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  • Anonymous

PRO 810, 10 Mar 2021Blink LED and Flash alerts are disabled, yet, flash blinks ... moreMine is phsycotic too

  • PRO 810

Blink LED and Flash alerts are disabled, yet, flash blinks like a psychopath during incoming calls. The flashing wakes me up if the phone is near me when I am sleeping. I was standing in line and the phone started flashing and people thought I was taking pictures of them. LG support is worthless. They literally have no knowledge about their devices and the reps use Google for all of their half baked answers. Pretty bad when a feature persists even though it is deactivated within settings.

  • Red

Had mine for a good while and it did me well. Super fast and hardy. Unfortunately just half an hour ago it finally called quits i think. Didnt get to the charger in time and it shut off. Charged it and turned it back on and itll pop the stylo 5 screen but then when it switched to the metro screen it sits there and blinks indefinitely. Overall decent phone. Upset it quit on me like that tho. Already tried clearing it and running it dead again :/

  • Anonymous

Lusasi Nzaywa, 01 Feb 2021Please Update Specs Os (Android 10) NFC (yes) Radio (yes)only some of the models have NFC. My spectrum stylo 5 has it but my friends walmart stylo 5 does not.

  • u cant

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2021Clear your cacheu cant clear cache lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2020This is worse phone i purchased In a while....will not be b... moreClear your cache

  • Birddog


  • Anonymous

This new update convinced me finally that Im sock of cell phone tecnology

  • Anonymous

I'm so upset with this purchase. I had my last LG phone for seven years, and it worked great the first six. After that long it really started slowing down. This Stylo 5 is so slow it takes about 3 minutes to send one text. It's so much slower than my old phone! When I called to talk to someone, of course, couldn't understand the accent, and finally understood my only option was to send it back to the manufacturer and be without a phone while they tried to fix my brand new phone. Obviously companies just don't give a crap about customer service anymore.

Please Update Specs

Os (Android 10)
NFC (yes)
Radio (yes)

  • Anomaly

karlheis, 09 Jan 2021Excellent phone I've had for a few months. It was 100%... moreBattery life is trash on this phone.
Make sure to take care of the battery by no keeping it plugged in to the outlet overnight. That's the fastest way to kill your battery.

  • Cinderella

Got LG Stylo 5 October 2019. Before one year, it began to not connect to internet and wifi and bluetooth would toggle on by its self. I reset and reset the network settings without fixing it. I paid $50 to have a replacement sent, and now that phone is doing the same thing. I did a factory reset this time. It worked fine for 3 days but now will not connect to internet. Piece of junk. I don't recommend it.

  • Anonymous

This phone is literally the Stylo 4 with 1GB of extra RAM, it should be calles the Stylo 4 Plus or the Stylo 4.5

Excellent phone I've had for a few months. It was 100% charged and then all of suddenly it went Dead for no apparent reason. Anyone know WHY

  • bubbs

great phone have had it for almost a year if ur gona get a good strong case for it get poetic on amazon its really good

  • Emma

Cher, 29 Dec 2020Where do I buy a stylus?The stylus comes with the phone

  • Dan

Cher, 29 Dec 2020Where do I buy a stylus?LG sells them

  • Cher

Where do I buy a stylus?

  • Dan

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2020I'm reading these comments, and can't help but wo... moreI've noticed the same thing. It appears a certain brand has a large contingent of paid trolls on this site. who goes around leaving glowing reviews on that brand's phones, and trashes their competitors' phones.

  • Ojax

I have had this phone for over a year and honestly it's the best phone I've had and I've owned every model of stylo besides the 4, this phone is fast and responsive, I play emulators with no issues, pc games, even stream my xbox. I use only Bluetooth bone conduction headphones and they work great, I've unlocked developer options and this phone is highly customizable if you know how. All these people complaining about this phone are either bots, spoiled, paid to smear it, or mentally challenged.