LG Stylo 7 5G renders and hardware details surface

Victor, 30 December 2020

LG's Stylo line has somewhat successfully positioned itself as a more budget-friendly alternative, to Samsung's Note family for a few years now. The main parallel between the two being the stylus, housed in the phone's body. A successor to the Stylo 6 is actually a bit overdue at this point, but earlier leaks did already indicate that the Stylo 7 is on its way.

LG Stylo 7 5G renders and hardware details surface

In this new leak we get a much clearer look at the Stylo 7 in higher resolution images along with some basic details, like general dimensions. The phone will sport a 6.8-inch flat display, with a punch hole for the selfie camera, in place of the notch of its Stylo 6 predecessor.

As per the source, these renders depict the 5G version of the device, which will measure 170.4 x 77.2 x 8.8mm (10mm including the camera bump). A 4G variant will exist, as well, likely with minimal physical differences.

Unfortunately, we have no info on the internals of the LG Style 7 as of yet. Even the phone's camera setup remains a mystery, other than the fact that it will have 3 rear snappers, contradicting the quad camera array, suggested by earlier leaks.

LG Stylo 7 5G renders LG Stylo 7 5G renders LG Stylo 7 5G renders
LG Stylo 7 5G renders

Looking at the renders themselves, we can also easily spot a side-mounted fingerprint reader, as well as a Type-C port and a 3.5mm audio jack. And that's about as much detail as we have. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments.



Reader comments

  • TimDetroit

I hope they improve the battery life on the device

  • Anonymous

I have owned the stylo 5 for a lil over a year now.... Other than being a lil slow its been extremely reliable I have owned a stylo 1 ,2 & 5 never has any problems Cept my nephew thrrows them outa the car window 😐 Is why i keep gettin ne...

  • Toni

I have had all of them and never had a problem now have the 6

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