LG successfully transmits and receives 6G THz data

Michail, 14 September 2022

LG has successfully tested 6G Terahertz (THz) data transmission and reception over a distance of 320m in an outdoor environment at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) in Berlin, Germany. The test was done on September 7 at a frequency range of 155-175 GHz and is touted as a great step forward in the commercialization of 6G networking in urban areas.

LG successfully transmits and receives 6G THz data

LG and its partners used a custom 20dBm multichannel power amplifier for transmitting the data and a low noise-amplifier receiver which helped improve the incoming signal quality.

“With the success of our latest demonstration, we are one step closer to realizing 6G speeds of 1 terabit (TB) per second in both indoor and outdoor urban areas. We expect 6G to be a major driver of future business and new user experiences, and there is no place we’d rather be than at the forefront of its development.” - Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon, CTO and EVP of LG Electronics.

Compared to 5G, 6G aims to deliver 50 times higher peak data rates and to reduce latency 10 times and offer higher reliability. For reference commercial mmWave 5G implementation manage up to 3Gbps peak speeds while the theoretical max is around 5Gbps. 6G network standardization is expected to begin in 2025, while commercialization is expected around 2029.



Reader comments

  • durr
  • 20 Nov 2022
  • Q6y

the wifi router is not made to be outside if your put a car outside on the grass you will notice that the grass stops growing underneath the car (same concept with your router)

  • Thanks
  • 19 Sep 2022
  • Lxf

Od course science won't back up the fact of plants growing away from Wi-Fi routers for example so thanks for backing that fact up.

  • Hg
  • 16 Sep 2022
  • HkV

Anybody talking about safety issues. Or we have another around of avoid the topic with all soughts of talks besides the actual topic of 6g being dangerous for the public's health.

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