LG T375 Cookie Smart

LG T375 Cookie Smart

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  • Mearasah

Subhankar, 04 Dec 2012I can nt game downloadIt is easy to download the games all you can do is go to this site www.mobile9.com or www.zedge.net then just click the save file there or search an apps after that download to your destop then copy to you phone put it in the other folder then...later you can click after saving there then again to continue you can just click the application and enjoy playing the games. Thats it for now. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Xymon, 16 Dec 2012The youtube is not working, what should i do?It can play u tube smoothly. Jst set up the strming setting of the phone and enjy u tube.

  • josh

i cant access internet eny time this phone

  • Aveek

I have purchased this mobile for my mom today. So far its nice. can any one provide me links for handwriting recognition software?

  • Anonymous

How about camera quality? And does it have any problem in normal useage? (touch screen sens,text and call)

  • Almohands

this phone may be not support flash player , so it's can't run you tube videos . this is my review.

  • AnonD-90638

Xymon, 16 Dec 2012The youtube is not working, what should i do?my LG can not access internet, what can i do?

  • AnonD-90573

I recently bought this phone for Rs.4300. The phone is gud and has all the good features in this range. Only problem is youtube is not working. The home page and search page opens but whenever I play any video, the mobile hangs and I have to remove the battery and then reset it. Rest it is a nice phone.

  • Vince

The touch is good, but the youtube damn man its not working! Can anybody tell me whats the problem?? Pls reply, thanks!

  • Xymon

The youtube is not working, what should i do?

  • lee

she can play you tube?

  • AnonD-89220

you can order the gel skin for lg t375 on ebay--i just ordered mine today! the sellers name is alkala2003, and you get your choice of colors. screen protectors are also available on ebay thru, among others, extreme_guard. alkala2003 is in spain, but i read about him on a cell phone website; they both accept paypal. in america this phone is the lg840g, and you cannot find ANYONE who has protectors or skins for it yet, due to its being so new. the lg t375 is essentially the same phone with exactly the same dimensions.

  • Trepizzle

regwil, 06 Dec 2012i can not whatsappI cannot use watsapp what should i do?

  • golu

phone hangs while using wifi and uploading pics is a very tedious task

  • AnonD-88076

I regret buying this phone. But i realize, its better than the other phones.

  • prem

mobil tv application

  • Anonymous

i can't even upload my pics wif it. Dis phone sucks

  • shashu

shud carge daily no use 4m tis mob

  • Anonymous

wat format of video ar aceptable except for .3gp ? Sumtyms .mp4 is work but always iS Not ,.. Tnx

  • regwil

i can not whatsapp