LG teases 2018 TV range with built-in Google Assistant

Prasad, 03 January 2018

LG announced today that its 2018 lineup of OLED and SUPER UHD TVs will include Google Assistant in some regions. With this, customers will be able to interact with some of their smart home devices by speaking into the TVs remote.

However, the Google Assistant is more of an accompaniment to the primary voice AI on these TVs, which will be LG's own ThinQ AI. Using a Natural Language Processing (NLP) and LG's own deep learning technology, users will be able to interact with all the other ThinQ enabled LG devices in their homes, connect to peripherals, search for content and more on the television using their voice.

The TVs will also include LG's new α (Alpha) 9 intelligent processor for improved image quality.

The 2018 OLED and SUPER UDH TV range will be up on display at CES 2018 and will go on sale later this year.



Reader comments

  • Hg
  • 06 Jan 2018
  • t0n

So now LG wants to help Google collect more data from their own customers. Doesn't Google and Facebook already have enough data. How much data mining is enough for Google or Facebook to sell us shirts and shoes? This is creepy.

  • Gibby
  • 05 Jan 2018
  • qbf

Why anyone would bother to compete with Google's AI / assistant / Deep Learning algorithms is beyond me. Stick with hardware, embrace Google's dominant intelligence. (And for all you scaremongerers who believe organisations are 'spying' on them f...

I'd like to see the day someone makes a assistant as good as Google's.

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