LG to give away free WP7 applications every 60 days

3 November, 2010

LG will give away free applications for its Windows Phone 7 users. If you own any Windows Phone 7-running LG smartphone such as Optimus 7, 7Q or Quantum, you'll get a package of free apps every 60 days.

Those subsidized packages will include all kind of software - social-networking, business, games, etc. There will be 10 new apps, which should amount to more than 30 US dollars. As soon as a new package is released, the old one will stop being available. But 60 days sounds more than enough.

The apps will be available through the LG Application Store directly on the WP7 smartphone. The Application Store will also provide free access to even more applications developed directly by the company.

It's good to see LG trying to do something nice for its users. However it's not yet clear when the first package will become available or for how long LG will keep offering the revolving free app packages.


Reader comments

  • Dave

The first apps are already available for free (Just checked it on my Optimus 7) Yeah :)

  • Anonymous

lg just posted huge loss in their mobile phone business while nokia market share just went down from 34% to 30% while samsung continue to gain. so whovever posted desperate time call for desperate measure is right.


Wow nice LG is try to be good.

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