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  • TC for Life
  • K3e
  • 15 Jan 2017

iLoveEeEe , 15 Jan 2017What's the difference between U and U Play? While awaitin... morehttp://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=8403&idPhone2=8519&idPhone3=8518 // LG U is a midrange phone, meanwhile HTC U Play and U Ultra are "flagships".

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    • iLoveEeEe
    • uJ5
    • 15 Jan 2017

    What's the difference between U and U Play?
    While awaiting for more release news from Nokia, I would say I love it by its design, the fast charging and fingerprints that come along with U Play.
    By the way, does the download speeds from the handset be the same across regions?

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      • srP
      • 09 Jan 2017

      looks like a nexus 5x.

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        • Anonymous
        • MWF
        • 07 Dec 2016

        AnonD-614211, 26 Nov 2016where is lg g6? It's not available yet. Even the LG site doesn't have the complete details of it.

          AnonD-614211, 26 Nov 2016where is lg g6? It will come in Q1-Q2 of 2017. i cant wait

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            • AnonD-614211
            • KgW
            • 26 Nov 2016

            where is lg g6?

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              • rich watarious
              • fsT
              • 26 Nov 2016

              Eii no finger print in this Era of mobile phones? You will be left far behind. Don't do that again please lg.

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                • James
                • Rxn
                • 22 Nov 2016

                Is this available in US?

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                  • AnonD-569849
                  • S9e
                  • 14 Nov 2016

                  AnonD-333475, 03 Nov 2016Finally a LG comeback good battery , side buttons , decent designWell I actually hate side buttong I like it all buttons at the back or like the G5 but all buttons at the back is better

                    What's the SoC, GSMArena ?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • gM}
                      • 08 Nov 2016

                      LG u r lagging behind other new comers in market in terms of providing gd features...

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                        • AnonD-481508
                        • PF5
                        • 05 Nov 2016

                        Buy g2

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                          • AnonD-333475
                          • P72
                          • 03 Nov 2016

                          Finally a LG comeback good battery , side buttons , decent design

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                            • AnonD-422874
                            • wYx
                            • 30 Oct 2016

                            LG may come up with great flagships. But most of their midtier were MEH...

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 0fL
                              • 29 Oct 2016

                              watch this phone go from lg u to lg x stereo. But seriously, for the price of $345, it's not worth it. If you want a 5.2" budget phone, go for htc desire eye that also has dual front speakers plus waterproofing and a snapdragon 801, the nexus 5x that has a amazing camera and a fingerprint scanner, or even the blu life one x2 that has 4gb of ram for just $200! in fact, all of these are around $200. Or there's also the moto g4 plus or the blu pure xr that are also better phones for $300. Point is, this phone doesn't catch up to comparators, especially for the price.

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                                • AnonD-198234
                                • D0d
                                • 29 Oct 2016

                                lg have gone out of innovation 13mp no ois camera,no fingerperint sensor,and it is cost near to op3 what the shi t just get lost if you cant learn even apple has decreased the price of ip7,lg models never reach the customers all over just limited to us or korea