LG U8100

LG U8100

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  • Anonymous

i wont conect the phone u8130

  • anura

i wont conect the phone u8130

  • rosie

doea anyone know how to get the phone off car kit?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2008this phone sucks. my laptop can't even identify it. no matt... morey at il un pilote de lgu8100 compatible avec l'os xp

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks. my laptop can't even identify it. no matter how many computers i try it on, the usb never works!!! HELP!!!!!

  • ramesh

Guys, Please send the driver for LG U8100 Model.

  • hiral

hi, i have just brought the lg u880 but cannot transfer stuff frm my pc to phone..!!!!! anyone know how to do that???? i installed everythin but it still says not connected 4 um reason but it is!!!! help please........

  • Edwin

Just wonder if any problem with this phone model (LG U8100)? Because some of the page cannot be displayed while on the Internet.

  • Zzz

I dun understand y my phone cannot connect 2 the G-Thing....izit becos my com port is wrong...n wat does it mean by OBEX connnection...any1 who noes pls tell me..

  • artistul

I forgot! Only .jar Java Games work. The .jad - no. Good luck. And... I am sorry for my bad english :) Bye

  • artistul

For Lava Games you must download (see on Google) this soft: G-Thing. And for the picture download the latest version of CD from www.wowlg.com. i have LG U8130 and I am very satisfied. And I have from the begining the same problem. That`s all. See Ya !

  • Zzz

hw come the phone cannot play games that r java enabled. I hav dl some games but canot play them lol....any 1 who noes pls tell me.

  • gabby

encounter the same problem
when u install did the thingy ask u to connect online

er... then u press ask next time?

i tired on my bf laptop ... its okie..
pic can be transfer
... the onli diff is he clicked on the never connect online icon n tt cd will install another few driver inside..

think u need to uninstall it totally first

from "control pannel" add remove program

then go "run" type : regedit

double check n go delete the all Lg register

note: i think i theres a few loh..
esp some in those cannot read words
in those folder folder... so u need to check every folder jus in case...

u currentli is wif singtel or starhub>
any prob wif mms
i cant mms
go online... wif gprs okie...
i can go inside yahoo butcant login ~
the key pad dont allow mi to type.
u try next time
www.yahoo.com type this in the url of gprs browers

  • ania

i have problems transferring my pictures that i have taken form my hp, to d computer. i have download d given LG cd to my pc but i c none of my pictures.. help me a.s.a.p?? tell me step by step please thank u..

  • gabriel

oya.. the memory problem... onli ard 28000kb shared memory.. ??? or 64?? messy..~

  • gabriel

i jus got this phone... ya got it free when u purphase a 3g phone.. (provided u sign up another 2 yr plan la.) but any problem with this phone?? mayb the color pixel onli 64k(jus normal) btw y they displaying the wrong pic on this site?

  • Amy

got blueetooth?! pls email me

  • Sinoview

This hp is now being offer for free in Singapore when anyone buy a 3G hp from Singtel...

Dont know what's the problem with this phone.


I like the model. But it will more better
to know the price.

  • Sam

HAR ! this phone in singapore ? can u pls tell me where exactly can i find it as i would love to see it thanks