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  • Anonymous

I must confess this is my first fone to last over a year, I am pleased with the quality.i would like to have my fotos and data downloaded on my Pc. Can anyone help me with the drives.

  • premal lathiya

I am software developer for mobiles and I have faced problem facing when i tried to on the camera from my J2me MIDlet. and it throws "Media exceptions" while turn on the camerA.

are there any technical answer for this question? so plz response me quick..

regards premal

  • 0711jon

can you help need software driver for lgu8110 to get photos thank you

  • DoplhS

can anyone help us with the software / drivers cd please to upload photos/data onto my pc. Cheers

  • ninz

does this phone have a keylock and how do you activate/deactivate it ?


  • su

can anyone help,I love this phone and have got great pics on it but lost the software to upload them onto my pc.cant find software anywhere online to download

  • Anonymous

It's cool !! :)

  • bench

lg u8110 is my phone now. it was a gift from my cousin when i graduated. its fun and friendly user. i just wanted to ask if i can change the housing of this phone for free because its kinda old. im having difficulties in searching for a replacement housing of my lg phone. please gice me some advice. im located in the philippines. thanks

  • Peter

Hi, I upgraded to a motorola V3x and what a load of TAT it is! I'm putting my sim card back in my trusty old LG. 'nuff said!

  • Lindzay

This phone is FANTASTIC! I have had it for 8months and I have had NO problems what-so-ever. All you people who cant use this phone are MAINLY abroad. Ever thought of that? If you live in the UK you should not have a problem.

  • Komal

Its a nice handset, I was fed up with this handset coz its not connecting to my pc, I was in trouble but now its solved its really so easy to connect to PC I was doin some foolish mistakes as all of u r doing. Its really simple, I'm happy with my handset now :)....It does'nt have blue tooth, thts the only prob:( and i need it :( And onething more m still having prob with infrared :( I'm hoping I'll also get through with this prob too...thanks

  • Waseem Baig

I think, its a good phone. having all the functions according to the environment and the networks we have, simply, sounds great that i am using this phone. +92-300-6628596

  • Jen

please what ever you do DONT buy an lg mobile with 3. I am a very disatisfied customer whos recieved no help and this has caused me much stress and frustration. The 3 company told me to my face they sold me a dud phone and it was the luck of the draw and theres nothing they can do for me...great hey!

  • SOphie

does anyone know how to use the infared on this phone??

  • Joya Khan

this phone is quite good as an entry level 3g phone however the signal is not as good as it could be.

  • SAM

does anyone know how i can transfere my photos from my lg u8360 on to a mac. the disc the shop gave me is only compatible for pc....any ideas? would appreciate it if someone could get back to me.....x

  • justin

i hav a lg u8110 and could never use mms i just Found the setting thats right i have them optus dosn't neither does Lg or 3 and they just reccomend each other here they are enjoy guys

1. MMS
on the phone go to menu>Messages>Settings>Multimedia message>Multi. msg
centre>options>Add new

ok we are creating a new profile;

TITLE: whatever you want eg optus mms
MMSC URL: http://mmsc.optus.com.au :8002

save this and then save this as the default.

2. WAP:
on the phone go to Menu>Browser>Settings>Profile>options>Add new
again we are creating a new profile;
there is a little trick here so follow carefully

TITLE: whatever you want eg optus gprs
homepage: http://networker.optus.net.au/wap/index.wml
connection mode: TCP with Proxy (for the moment)
ip address:
proxy: 9201
security: NonSecure
Timeout: 150
access point: 3 Services (LEAVE THIS AS IS)

now go back to Connection mode and change to : UDP(CO)

save this and then save this as the default.

3. APN
on the phone go to Menu>settings>access points>3 services

bearer: GPRS
username: blank
pass: blank
APN: mms (for mms)
prepaidyesoptus (for wap gprs)

  • Andy

the lg u8110 is the best phone ive ver had i reccomend it any one and if you cant get videos because you dont have a 3g sim then download limewire 4.1 and type in angry kid but you have to look at the file type it has to be MP4 !!!! any q's e - mail me !!!!!!!!!!

  • Raalf

I changed nokia 3220 to lg u8110 and that was a good deal! That phone is great... Oh i forgot about 0.3mpix camera. It is sh**. I'm from Poland and there isn't any 3g network, so i can't check video calls. :-(((

  • tt

i have the lgu8110 and did not get the cd so can't sinc with my pc were could i get the drivers from for the usb have a site to go to but does not give the usb driver i need http://lge.com/u8110.zip