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LG U8110

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  • andy

i just wanted to know why use are all doggin the phone so bad.. its helluse are only pickin things bad about it just because its and up market phone but if you were to reivew a nokia 3220 youd say its great because it doesnt have as many features.. the reception is fine.. if your not with 3 i use telstra with it and i get great reception and the video and camera quaility is prime.. well thats all i have to say

  • Adelusi Adeniyi Taiw

lg u8110 is a good set with very good features. Some of the features i like is the clearity of the photos and video, Transfer speed (data) and the ability to use both usb and infra red.

  • murat

How do you send pictures via IRDA? I can't send.How do you changed the connectivity setting to IRDA? Can you pls help me.My e-mail : muratburma77@hotmail.com

  • Tom

i am having trouble using the phone manager program. I have plugged in the phone to the usb port and then clicked connect, but it says 'please check the COM port and connect in idle screen' I checked the com port and tried several but i keep getting the same message - this is really annoying can anyone help me?!

  • theo

How do you send pictures,ringtones via infra red. I can`t receive images, ringtones.How do you changed the connectivity settings to IRDA. Can u pls help me.
e-mail me plsss my e-mail

  • Godfrey Builson

Pls i want you to send me drivers for the phone or send me a sit i can get it.

  • Micron

The features on the phone are great. MP3 player, MP4 video which i have to say is crystal clear and much better than alot of other video phones. It has all the functions and features you would expect from a quality phone. However there is one slight problem...Well there are a few actually. Firstly, there is never a signal..you cant even make a call half the time because it will just cut off. i thought it maybe the network but other phones on 3G network are fine. My friend had the same phone and had the same problem. Now its great to have all these features but when you cant make a call...whats the point? This makes it so annoying because without this problem the phone would be great. Secondly, and something which has already been pointed out, the battery lasts for a ridiculous amount of time. You go on the internet for 10 mins and you can guarantee there will be a bar or two less on your battery indicator.
Summing up, the features and design are great, but i find the overall performance of the phone very poor which is a shame.!

  • Matthew Wallace

This phone has a great menu but the built quality is really lacking I had serious problems with my microphone which really made life difficult

  • tnt

i cant play games in my phone lg u8110
and icant down load it pleas help me
thank you.. e-mail=tnt_web_design@yahoo.com

  • mohamed

i cant down load java games to my lg u8110
please help me if you can....
thank you.

  • B_O_B

hey how do u use the mp3 player on the phone, emaill me plzzzzzz bobn_246@hotmil.com

  • Jenn.

Its a user friendly phone, that is, until it dies on you. I think its one of those really "smart" phones: not because its reliable, but because it seemingly works wonders (i.e. suitable for the technology-challenged, but still applicable to those who type sms at the rate they talk)... so under these premises, you introduce it to all your friends... and everyone has one, until one day, you hear a friend say it has died on them...microphone doesnt work, hear crackling all the time (actually, hear the weirdest distortions of sounds), camera footage all cut up into stills, messages dont send due to error, shuts down sometimes... and you think its all just blah-blah myth, because your OH-SO-WONDERFUL phone couldnt possibly be.. *gasp*..crap, because for goodness sakes! its LG~ but then, the unthinkable happens: its dead (and if not dead, its retarded). Just lies there like a dead corpse and all you can do is take it in for repairs (meanwhile, very inconvienced without a communication mobil, you are harrassed and accussed by all friends and families and annoying acquaintances for "dropping off the face of this planet"). But as i was saying, LG is a smart phone... in terms of darwin's theory on survival: it is seemingly the best phone ever, and is recommended and bought by many, but then, it dies on you... so, you have to repair it w/ warranty cover.... and because you went through so much trouble, you are not going to abandon it... yep, smart phone, the way of future technology!

  • Mark Breen

is it possible to order a charger for the U8110 online

  • Nechifor Ilie

I need the soft for LG U8110.Where can i find this cd whit all the programs i need to my phone?please contact me.

  • Anonymous

this phone ROCKS compared to its price !!

the screen is marvelous
the audio player is fantastic
the camera is very clear and the video is unbelievbly smooth compared to my 7610 witch is 1 megapixel !
the user interface is more than fantastic.... and the using of the phone book or menue is very good...

i highly recomend LG over samsung

  • tract

I have lost the CD that came with the phone about how to use the mp3 player! what can I do now?

  • asthika

ive got a LG u8110 and the IR is really slow as in ive tryed to send a phone number through it and it dint work... i kept it for like an hour nothing... some one help me on this ... i really need the IR workin ... thx ... mail me asthika_64@hotmail.com

  • Benji

How do you send mms pictures via infra red. I can receive images, ringtones, etc bu not send. I have changed the connectivity settings to IRDA but what next? can u pls help me.

  • benno

had enough,get that noise and immediatly no there is NO SERVICE.one minute great and then gone even thou im in same spot.cannot rely on the network which is no use to anyone and battery is an embarrasment.did not want to say this really but enough is enough.flaming angry