LG U8120

LG U8120

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  • Anon

in reply to andrea, i've been with 3 for over a year now and i've been receiving txts from all of my mates from all of their networks with no problems. 3 have some really annoying network problems (or maybe its just my e606) but this isn't one of them.

  • Alice

Just ordered the LG U8120 on pay as you go. I think it looks like a great phone, so can't wait to recieve it. If you want it on pay as you go, visit www.time2talk.co.uk it offers a very secure service, and bought my LG U8120 on pay as you go for just £179.99. Only thing is, i am considering getting it unlocked and going back to Orange with my same number, as i dont think 3 is the network for me. Top ups have a 30 day validity period.

  • floos

not worth the bother if you want to connect your phone to the pc cos once again LG have put crap software in with the phone which doesn't work, and their support people don't reply to emails. DON"T BOTHER WITH THE PHONE, IT'S NICE N ALL THAT BUT GET A PHONE THAT WORKS!!!

  • andrea

u can txt from 3 to any other network but only 3 can txt u!

  • andrea

YY what im trying to say is the only txt u can recieve on a 3 phone is from another 3 phone//get it? i work 4 a mobile dealer & know things like this.

  • YY

who said that three phone can only text to three, I'm with three, and can text to all my friends using other service providers.

  • Anonymous

REALLY andrea? well i wont be getting a 3 phone then none of my friends are on 3 so ill never recieve any txt then! thats pathetic/

  • andrea

only differance between this & the 8110 is this has a bigger memory! big deal!! ps do u people know u can only txt to a 3 phone if YOUR phone is also on 3!

  • Catherine Prindilus

Is it possible to email me when this phone (LG-u8120) comes in store or ready to order.

  • hottie

i luv the lgu8120 i want to change to 3 but dont want to be tied to a contract does anyone know where i can get this phone on threepay (pay-as-u-go)

  • Dan

I've just bought the LG U8120, and it doesn't support bluetooth :(
But beside that there no doubt about it... A great UMTS telephone

  • VampireMonkey

yay im gettin this phone in 2 days i definetly want it now you nice people have said nice things about it

  • sunny idah

Hi Saddam,

this phone support bluetooth also and is one of the best handsets anybody can get in the market. 3G is the network which started up with ugly phones as NEC606, Motorola A-835 etc. but now LGU8110 AND LGU8120 have entirely changed the outlook of this network. I think it is the best phone you can get anywhere in the market.

And talking about the deal which you are asking i strongly recommend that if you want to have this phone or any other phone dialler phone or tulip uk ltd. is the best place to do so. but tulip is offering this phone in 35 pounds line rental plan in which they give 750 mins free and for the first three months half line rental so if you get this phone in the cheaper deal that is 25 pounds line rental with 500 mins/month through dialler phone which i think you can get so just grab the offer from that place.

Wishing you good luck

  • danny

no unlocking system has yet come in the market.

  • Varun verma

It's really a good looking handset and is shape is amazing.And I would like to buy this phone

  • BalooDK

Why make an Mp3 phone with no mem-slot ??
Nice design, but the antenna should not stick out like that !!

  • john

does this phone support bluetooth

  • Clinton n Monica

hmm yes darlings i agree whats the best phone in the market for 3g

  • Saddam

is this phone any good? i am thinking of going to 3g but not sure about the handsets. Any one know where i can get a good deal (UK) from the 3 network? and what there promotion offers are going to be after JULY????????