LG U8180

LG U8180

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  • andra

i loose my install cd..
where i found other cd,or on net where i found the install?

please help me! (andra_crazyinlove@yahoo.com)

  • Anonymous

it wont bloody break and i want a new phone :(

  • jordo

thanx heaps ragu!

  • Yeng


My name is Yeng and i wanna know how to put songs into, also the phone isn't that bad sometimes it gets too boring, ive tried all the techniques in the post of this phone(u8180) so can someone please help i would really a preciate i thank-you!

you guys can email at Yengstah@hotmail.com

Bye guys

  • ...

pros: practically unbreakable.

cons: large, heavy and chunky

  • vickee

to get rid of no caller id, go to

Menu- Calling- Settings- Send My Number.
there you can change it to no caller or not.

  • Jack

Well basically the fone doesnt allow me to send pictures, video message, download tones, games etc and when i search for contacts it comes up in some kind of asian language, so overall pretty hopeless

  • Macca

ive had this phone for about a year now and still cannot figure out how to get rid of the no caller id. Even if there on my contact list it still comes up with no caller ID.
Can some1 help me please my email is big_macca_23@hotmail.com

  • koki

i want to format my u8180
.plz tell me how and i forgot mi security code any solution?

  • Sophie Richards

i was just wondering how i put my photos from this phone to my computer???
iv always wanted to know!
its getting to me that i cant :(

  • LEE.


  • Edem

I've installed everything necessary 4rm the disk but I connect and nothing comes up. Somebody pls help me.

  • Beryoza

I love this phone! It has given me sterling service for over a year, despite repeated abuse including, but not limited to, hard knocks, being dropped in mud, exposure to adverse weather, exposure to and partial immersion in beer, soup and other consumable liquids, a brief spell in the washing machine, and a heavy fall from horseback which hurt the owner a lot more than the phone.

What more can one ask of a phone?

  • sxc b!aTch

lol.. i hav dis phone.. if u wanna noe how to connect to Pc...dat's ...look down:
1. install all of da phone acc. from disc
2.go on "Phone Manager"
3.click on "contents".. then go up to da toolbar "transfer"
4.click on connect...w8 abt 10secs...then click on "contacts"
5. click on pics... audio or anything then yea...

hey.. like u can say i noe this phone... but one trouble for me... can u transfer stuff on ur PC to ur fone...? if u noe can u post a comment n ill read it!

asap plz? thx!

  • liyanage.j.c

please anyone let me know how i need to active the infarad option on this phone.

  • Azn Chikk

OMG! dat Andi guy dat posted da comment and taught u how to sync is da best! u should read it.... it's on da first comment page!! Sending pictures to ur computer ish da best... da only thing im not sure of is sending music to LG 8180 as well as u guyz... but i'll ask him... he put his email down!! LOL.... KOOL

  • Zeeshan Aziz

Hi sir i have LG u8180 set but i dont have pc suite for LG kindly send me the pc suite or any software which i am able to install ring tones or pictures please send me as soon as possible

  • MINI

Set up your COM port, when you see a sign like this * next to the port number, you are connected, but how do you send games in to it?

  • Italia

this is the worst that has ever been made i think LG should refund everyone who has brought it.

it has nothing nd I can't connect it to the computer.

  • ahmed

i dont have driver i want know if the driver and software are the same as soon as possible i want put mp3 music