LG V10 will get a wireless charging capable back cover soon

Vlad, 14 October, 2015

It definitely looks like LG is working on a wireless charging-enabled back cover for the V10, a phablet it unveiled at the beginning of this month. The V10 is essentially the Korean company's current high-end flagship offering, and so it makes sense for it to receive some new accessories in the near future.

The wireless charging back cover in question has already been certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, which means LG will use the Qi standard for its V10 wireless charger.

Like the G4 before it, the LG V10 has a removable back cover (and a removable battery), and that's what makes selling such an accessory even possible. You can buy the new Qi-enabled back cover and switch to it from the one that came with your phone without any hassle. After that point, you'll be able to top up your V10 using any Qi-compatible wireless charger out there.

The wireless charging capable back cover for the V10 will launch outside of South Korea first, and there's still no telling if the company will also sell it in its home market afterwards.

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