LG V20 S name trademarked in Europe

Peter, 08 November 2016

Europe has bad luck with large-screened flagships. Last year there was no Galaxy Note5 and this year the LG V20 launched in the US and South Korea and the Old Continent wasnít even mentioned. A trademark filing shows that euro luck may be changing.

The trademark is for the LG V20 S, a smartphone. It was filed in Germany in both English and German, but covers the whole world. And thatís all there is for now.

We donít have any details on the ďV20 SĒ model but we seriously hope this isnít an ďLG G5 SEĒ situation (which swapped G5ís flagship chipset for a mid-range one).

Thanks for the tip, Michel

Source (PDF) | Via (in Dutch)


Reader comments

  • AnonD-626396

Any news about the european lgv20?

  • Anonymous

That will be the LG G6. Snapdragon 830 is for 2017's flagships!

  • Darius

To be honest if this will be the same version like in Japan. We have luck :). Im sicked pf all this 5.5 and higher phones dont wanna brick in pocket. 4.7 to 5.2 for me is a ideal size.