LG V30 Raspberry Rose unboxing

Ivan, 01 February 2018

Valentine's Day is on our doorstep and the smartphone market has never been more ripe with gifts for that special someone.

But LG reckons it can just spare you all the wondering with the V30 Raspberry Rose edition. So let's see if they're right.

As the name suggests, this is a special color version of the LG V30 that will make it to market right in time for Valentine's Day. LG first showed the Raspberry Rose V30 at CES 2018 and now we get to unbox it.

Now, we can't promise that you'll be able to buy the Raspberry Rose LG V30 in the special packaging we received, but you will be able to find the phone in Korea and certain markets in Europe and Asia before February 14.

It's hard to convey just how beautiful the Raspberry Rose color is. Neither video nor photos do it justice. The way the color shifts slightly under different light - it looks rose, red and even orange at times. Then there's the subtle texture underneath the glass, the way the fingerprint scanner surface has a slightly different hue compared to the rest of the back.

Raspberry Rose is a lovely color. And while we have a fair number of men here at HQ who like the color, it's undoubtedly aimed more at the feminine audience.

The special box it came in is even more female-focused. It closely follows the Raspberry Rose color scheme and is filled with artificial flowers. They look fine, but they could've smelled flowery. Is that too much to ask? Yes? Moving on then.

The phone itself, as we said, is an LG V30 and even a month before the LG G7 is scheduled to appear, the V30 feels every bit a worthy flagship.

You get a 6-inch OLED screen in one of the most compact phones around. You get water resistance, wireless charging, a dual camera on the back, high-end audio inside and Android Oreo. Sadly it's still unclear what price the Raspberry Rose LG V30 will command.

You do get a few rose-colored wallpapers too.

We hope that the new hue moves beyond its special color version status and that LG starts to offer it as a standard color. It's a much more interesting Rose (or Pink-ish) color than anything we've seen recently.


Reader comments

The case doesn't matter, in the end you still have to flip your phone just to notice it's colored Why no one does colored bezels anymore ?

Sure, but it doesn't makes me wrong

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Feb 2018
  • vxs

but there's a clear case right? why use a colored one? genius?

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