LG V30 to launch on European carriers by the end of the year

Peter, 04 December 2017

Like previous V-series phones, LG wasnít too keen to launch the LG V30 it Europe. SIM-free has been available for a while now, but with little carrier involvement. That is about to change as the company announced plans to expand V30ís presence in partnership with several carriers.

First is TIM Italy, which is already selling the flagship for Ä900 (no subsidies here). It also has exclusivity on the LG V30+ model (which has 128GB storage, up from 64GB). This one is Ä950.

LG V30 to launch on European carriers by the end of the year

Vodafone Italy is also getting the V30, though we couldnít find it on their site yet. Carphone Warehouse in the UK has been offering carrier deals for a while (including Vodafone), though the carriers themselves do not.

Next up are Germany, Spain and Poland - they are getting the V30 by the end of the year. We donít yet know the selection of carriers or the price (which tends to vary country to country). There's no word on other European markets either.

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Old ? Perhaps, but the perfomance/characteristics are roughly the same. It's about time that LG gain power on the market and to achieve this, they need to put a lower price on their phone, that's how they're gonna ear some share on the market and mak...

  • FaiLG

Poor French we are... Waiting for it.

  • AnonD-573665

And of course whit triple overprice, i more interested in A5 because LG will be dead fast.