LG V30S ThinQ is now available in the US for $729.99 unlocked

Vlad, 15 May 2018

The LG V30S ThinQ was announced back in February at MWC, but it only went up for pre-order in the US at the beginning of this month. Not one week after that we already saw its price dropping by a cool $200, but at no point was there a shipping date mentioned.

No need to wonder anymore, for the V30S ThinQ is now in stock at B&H. The retailer boasts that it has an exclusive of some sort, although that may just be for one or both of the color versions it offers: Glossy Moroccan Blue and Matte Moroccan Blue.

If you're interested in LG's refreshed V30 (because you hate the G7's notch, perhaps), then know you'll need to pay $729.99 for the privilege of owning a V30S ThinQ. For that amount of dough you're obviously getting an unlocked model, one that will work on any GSM-based carrier (such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and the MVNOs using their networks), but also on select CDMA carriers, provided that they will let you activate it on their network.



Reader comments

  • flicker CSI

I can only notice detrimental PWM effects below 42% brightness, rather than 80% (gross indication with high speed shutter, swinging pen or fan in front of the screen). Perhaps the screen has been upgraded? v30+

I know and I would do the same, but I still don't understand who would buy V30S for such a high price. I think it's lack of vision and management failure at LG.

  • TabCam

You can own a V30 for far less with much the same hardware. I would either go for the G7 or the V30 as it already has an update for the V30 thinq software including AI camera and all.

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