LG V40 ThinQ press image shows off the notch and the triple camera

Ro, 26 September 2018

While we are waiting for the official October 3 announcement of the LG V40 ThinQ, we got some juicy details of the upcoming handset. The CAD renders a month ago suggested that the V40 will come with triple cameras on the back and a notch and this leaked official image confirms that.

It comes from prolific leakster Evan Blass and it shows an extra button on the side frame, which will most probably be for Google's Assistant. It's been on the LG G7 ThinQ and the company is all about AI lately, so anything else will be a surprise. Regarding the notch, it's hidden in the press image with a thin black strip, but the icons on the top confirm that it's there.

There are still a few more days until the official event so we would have to wait and see what all those cameras on the back do. In typical LG fashion, one should be for wide-angle shots, one offers a regular field of view, while the third one will likely be of the telephoto variety.



Reader comments

  • Gary

Yes, HTC had the first dual camera. LG had nice and original design but now they're also copying Apple's notch. Disappointing.

I have a lg v30 and the signal is very good. The speeds are excellent and what I like is how fast it connects to a wifi or starts the data connection (less than 1 second). I didn't have any signal problems. Also LG V30 has a low SAR value so it will...

  • Anonymous

C is stand for Compact, right?

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