LG Velvet arriving on May 7

Yordan, 23 April 2020

LG already made two announcements for its new midranger called Velvet, but we are yet to find out any of the hardware specs. The company now confirmed that the final announcement is coming on May 7 by posting a video on YouTube, dedicated to the design-oriented smartphone with three cameras on the back.

The four colorful dots represent the main rear shooter, two auxiliary snappers, and the LED flash. The colors also represent the four paint jobs LG Velvet will arrive in - White, Black, Red, Green. The chipset of the phone will be Snapdragon 765G with the 5G enabled; after all the phone is expected to hit one of the markets with highest 5G penetration - South Korea.



Reader comments

  • Ollie

Where in the UK can one buy a LG phone ???

  • Anonymous

Exactly. Maybe that refresh rate is not a huge deal. You can get a real "badass" like SE with same money :)))

  • Logan

Hmm, why the heck all the foreshadowing? Just present it LG! I bet it has an ugly punch hole notch like 90 percent of all the other phones of 2020 ... And yeah the pricing ... anthing beyond 550 $ / EUR would be DOA for thos phone. I wish there would...

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