LG X Cam details revealed - 13MP 78 + 5MP 120 camera, 5.2" screen

Peter, 27 April, 2016

The V10-like LG X screen is already on sale, but it's only now that we get the full details on the LG X Cam. This one is more of an affordable LG G5 as it shares its defining feature - the dual camera setup on the back.

It features one 13MP 78 and one 5MP 120 camera (compared to 16MP 78 + 8MP 135 for the G5). There are Pop-out Picture effects similar to the G5.

The LG X Cam itself is a slender 6.9mm and features 3D Arc Glass on the front with a brushed metal look.

On the front is a 5.2" 1080p screen, almost the size of the G5 screen (but without the resolution). The phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow on a weak-ish 1.14GHz octa-core processor and 2GB RAM. The 2,520mAh battery is a bit disappointing too.

LG X Cam LG X Cam LG X Cam LG X Cam
LG X Cam

There's no word on launch date or price (though we can't imagine it will be much).



Reader comments

  • Gues(s)t

Somehow i'm seeing jack's face on the night before christmas on the back cameras layout.

  • Mk

Yes, i'm thinking the same. G5 is ugly too.

  • knAx

who the @$$#$%^&*() said this is a flagship phone? learn how to read before you comment. "This one is more of an affordable LG G5"