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  • Ello

Thanks Jason.

  • P13

Diddycation, 08 Apr 2018I am using this phone for 1 month now in UK. it is the wors... moreI am using the same for a 4 months, and my experience is quite the opposite to yours: very fast, excellent browsing (6-7 tabs in chrome no problem), HD youtube and/or movie playback is beautiful, camera is good (though not great), GPS is good (but not great: finds position slowly, but then it is stable and reliable), converation sound quality is excellent (not dismissable for a phone, I think). Only real grief is that occasssionally it decides to drain the battery like crazy (once in every couple of weeks or so; couldn't find the reason, but a restart usually solves that).

  • Jason

Ello, 21 Jan 2018Hello everyone, Could someone please post an English langu... moreYou can get the PDF file here


  • Diddycation

I am using this phone for 1 month now in UK. it is the worst I ever used. Its slow, crushes all the times or just take simple tasks forever (to open browser lets say) and then There is a communicational issue as I am outside and I have 2 bars coverage, inside I almost always dont have any coverage. Camera is OK. During the conversation it cuts off really often. Also Wi-fi is slow even if i sit next to my router
Bought it from e central global uk. came 1 week later than expected.

Overal dont buy it is my opinion.

  • David

monnom, 27 Aug 2016Can anyone who already owns this phone share its stock wall... moreI bought this phone from eBay for $173 Australian dollars. It is great value for money. I have been using it for three weeks now . It is a great phone. Everything works fine. I added a 32G SD card to the 32G system disk. Display is crispy and clear. Camera is acceptable. Performance is above average, very fast indeed. To put things in perspective, one should consider what one pays and what one expects. I have no need for fast charge, (it is already quite fast) nor infrared etc.. IMHO this phone is the best bargain. Highly recommended.

  • Ello

Hello everyone,
Could someone please post an English language User Manual.
Thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-728504

One of the best phones I’ve ever had! Brilliant for less than 200€!

  • AnonD-726839

Worth mentioning its available for £100 at eglobal, so a decent buy now.

  • Ranbow

nice phone but not up to 480 euro

  • AnonD-691990

They are selling this phone for about 173 euros in my country very cheap

  • AnonD-518208

you don't need fast charge mate in type-C cose the have fast charge buy default,
my nexus 5x haven't fast charge by deault google software, but it have type c so the charge for 0 % to 100% is about 1hour and 10 min ... so yeap it is fast charge!!!

  • geo

why hasnt gsmarena posted a review yet?? It seems pretty good phone

  • Anonymous

is it available in market ?

  • SONU

it's really a good phone......

  • Anonymous

Does anyone own this phone/where can you buy it ??? And also is it available in the U.S. ??

  • Anonymous

AnonD-620888, 21 Dec 2016Its like a budget phone, so it uses underpowered or old specsNot really

  • babu

is it available in india

  • AnonD-620888

Omid46, 07 Dec 2016All the dearest.What I can say right now before GSMArena re... moreIts like a budget phone, so it uses underpowered or old specs

  • Omid46

All the dearest.What I can say right now before GSMArena review,it is the best in LG,s series!But SD 808!?,...Justice Rights,Omid12Omidvar,,...