LG Zone 4

LG Zone 4

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  • Balfour

This phone is the worst choice ive ever made its like an 2014 old phone its the worst phone lg has made that ive experienced on

  • Grammar_Newbie

grammar_police, 07 Jul 2019you're not your you're is short for you are (YOU ARE on a ... moreMake sense, not makes sense!!!
You have an incomplete sentence. You are trying to shorten "Does that MAKE SENSE?" not "Does that MAKES SENSE?"
If you're trying to enforce grammar law, please abide by it.

  • grammar_police

PikaBoyGamingYT, 09 Jan 2019This is a great phone for it's price. Pretty fast, Long la... moreyou're not your
you're is short for you are (YOU ARE on a budget)

  • Anonymous

I recently bought the lg zone 4 after owning the lg vista for years I do not lime the zone 4 over priced features are very cheap and also no led notification light on front so doesn't show phone charging or light up when I recieve messages or missed calls that was a very important feature plus no one seems to kmow anything about it at Verizon so if your thinking about buying it you will be disappointed as I am!!!!!

This is a great phone for it's price. Pretty fast, Long lasting battery, Very comfortable to hold. If your on a budget i strongly recommend this phone!

  • Cam

No fingerprint sensor, or at least mine doesnt work

Wait, there's a Verizon in Korea?!

  • AnonD-692628

well it is more comfortable for me.

  • Tiwana

Is it a good phone

  • why

LG is keep using back power button..
it is so uncomfortable.
why LG is not listening to consumer.

  • Oo

I like the spec of this phone...it should be fast.
I also like 5inch phone better than 6inch.
It has better grip

  • Oo

Lg..... front Camera sensor is located at wrong place...it should be on right side..like Samsung
Lg keep making mistake

  • AnonD-198234

lg phones are worst price are high but low in battery and camera

  • Bob

This is literally Aristo 2 with a doubled price.

AnonD-744321, 19 Mar 2018fancy names same old specifications BLU style :PWell, even the name is not fancy but a boring one ...

  • AnonD-744321

fancy names
same old specifications
BLU style :P

  • ipolit

Nice budget device. Same as Redmi 5a, but with finger print scanner (which some people will like). Shame it is bigger.