LG-made Nexus 6 probably won't happen

18 June, 2014

If there's ever going to be a Nexus 6, it won't be made by LG. At least that's what one exec from the Korean company seems to think.

A Dutch publication has quoted Ken Hong, LG's global communications director, as saying that he doesn't know anything about an LG Nexus 6 yet.

Given past release time frames, if the new Nexus is to arrive this fall (like both of its LG-made predecessors), then Hong should have been told about it by now.

Furthermore, recent rumors spoke about the Nexus programme being discontinued altogether in favor of a broader 'Silver' effort from Google. This would comprise of more devices per year (not just one as with the Nexus line), and from more than one manufacturer.

At one point in the past LG was said to be making the first such 'Android Silver' handset, though this was referred to as being the successor to the Nexus 6.

So will there be a Nexus 6? It's really tough to tell. Though if it will happen, it's probably not going to be made by LG. On the other hand, the Korean company may be working with Google on a Silver smartphone, one which could debut next year.

Source (in Dutch)


Reader comments

  • AnonD-259899

That analogy actually doesn't sound too far fetched!

  • HammerHead

Nexus is not dead!! "Flounder" and "Molly" keep popping up on Googles AOSP source code..If you know anything about Nexus devices you would know they are named after Sushi and fish.. 1. Nexus-S= "Herring" 2. Gala...

  • AnonD-170479

Stability wise, Nexus(Pure Android)are the only droid phones that can compete with iOS and WP. All Android should the same software as Nexus then people are really gonna enjoy Android. Right now at least I can't its damn slow I own Moto G

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