LG's crazy Wing dual rotating screen smartphone to cost around $1,000, new video out

Vlad, 29 August 2020

A couple of days ago a leaked hands-on video showed the upcoming LG Wing in action for a few seconds, with its weird T shape and rotating form factor. Today, a new video is out, this time showing us what gaming will be like on this unique device.

The Wing has a main screen that rotates into landscape mode to reveal a smaller secondary panel under it and create that T shape. The main display is rumored to be 6.8", while the smaller one is around 4".

According to an unnamed source, the Wing will be priced at around $1,000 when it launches in the US this fall. Verizon may be one of the carriers offering it. Expect to see a triple camera setup on the rear, with a 64 MP main sensor. The Wing will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G.

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It is not a CPU, it is a SOC. Where midrange SOC's typically suffer is modems and GPU performance. For power users wanting multiple displays to perform work duties, or entertainment focused users looking at gaming both of theses downfall areas c...

  • Dude
  • 31 Aug 2020
  • uEx

Nobody: LG:

Because it have 2 screens and can rotate while Velvet can't? A CPU is all that matter to you?

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