LG's Q2 of 2018 misses estimates but is still profitable

Ivan, 06 July 2018

LG posted a profitable Q2 despite missing the estimates of analysts. In the period from April to June LG has made a profit of KRW 771 billion (589 million) and turned in a revenue of KRW 15 trillion (11.4 billion).

Operating profit rose 16.1% from the same period last year while revenue rose 3.2% from KRW 14.6 trillion to the aforementioned KRW 15 trillion.

Earlier today Samsung reported similar Q2 numbers - around KRW 14.8 trillion (11.3 billion).

Back to LG - analysts expect that higher marketing expenses for new devices like the LG G7 ThinQ weighed down on profit. LG will release a detailed report later on this month.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Is this LG as a whole company being profitable or actually just LG Mobile being profitable this Q2? LG Mobile hasnt had a profitable quarter in years so if they actually made a profit last quarter that would be big news.

  • Anonymous

Apple is next Blackberry

Wow, it's nice to see LG is making profit, unlike a certain stubborn company CoughcoughHTCcough