Live images of HTC One Mini in gold surface

20 September, 2013

A 24-carat gold version of the HTC's flagship smartphone is already up for grabs, but as it seems, we might soon see its Mini variant following the same path. Here are the first photos of the HTC One Mini in gold.

These were sent to us by an anonymous tipster, but we are quite certain that this Gold version of the HTC One mini is a custom gold plated edition, made by a third-party jeweler, and HTC won't be offering it officially.

Apple's gold color variant of the iPhone 5s made a real splash and we are hearing rumors that HTC will following down the same route to liven up the HTC One design.

Unfortunately, there is no word on the pricing and the availability of this gold HTC One Mini.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster for sending this in!


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

there have been many gold phone even before 5s

  • AnonD-189275

LOL, you have a point. Obviously, its going to be gold-plated or it would be ridiculously heavy but my first thought was how it looked just like a solid gold bar. very beautiful. I know there will be many people who will want it but its not for me ei...

  • AnonD-77351

It looks like it was made of honey