Live images of the Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 successors leaked

George, 16 November, 2015

Samsung's Galaxy A-series are due for an update, the earlier ones now approaching the ripe old age of 12 months. There have been indications that the next-gen mid-range models with a premium build are in the works, and things have gotten to a point where we're now being treated to a few live photos of the successors to the Galaxy A5 and A7.

The two smartphones have been brought up to check on current upmarket Samsung design, featuring a flat glass rear panel, a lot like the Galaxy S6 generation. Unlike the truly premium handsets, however, the future Galaxy A5 (2016) and A7 (2016) will have nothing but a single-LED flash next to the prominent camera hump. Obviously a heart-rate sensor is out of the question in this segment, but the news is that Samsung has relocated the loudspeaker, likely to the bottom of the devices.

Alleged live photos of the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) and A7 (2016)

The front sees fewer changes, especially on the smaller A5 model. Apart from the rearrangement of the sensors around the earpiece, the most notable difference is the taller home button, hinting at a fingerprint sensor, which has already made its way to the A-series with the A8 and yet-to-be-released A9. The images appear to show a 2.5D front glass on the face of the Galaxy A7 (2016), but not on the A5 (2016), an odd discrepancy with an older leak.

If the naming is any indication, we'd expect the two models to be released no earlier than January next year - bang on time for the A7 to meet its one-year update deadline, and a couple of months late as far as the A5 is concerned.



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exactly my thoughts on the Alpha.. i dint like the corners as well but from what i felt, the corners would be able tolerate a good bump if it fell down.. anyways.. as for me, i would like a an s4 with the internals of an s6 n a sturdy metal fram...

  • Linas

They really can do better with camera, my only problem with my current A3, A5 and S6edge is that protruding camera. I understand it is hard to sort it on S6 where the performance is probably more important, but surely they can hide that 13mp camera f...

  • Chinna

This mobile when come

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