Low-end Samsung Tizen phone apparently in the works

15 July, 2014

Remember Tizen, the mobile operating system that some people claimed would make Samsung drop Android? It's not doing so well. The first handset from the Korean maker that was supposed to run Tizen has been delayed indefinitely.

So it might be a bit surprising to find out that the biggest smartphone maker in the world is working on another Tizen phone too. A few accessories for the Samsung SM-Z130H were recently spotted entering India by an import tracking website.

Judging by how those accessories are priced, it definitely looks like the Samsung SM-Z130H is nothing more than a low-end offering. That's further confirmed by its model number - let's not forget that the delayed Samsung Z is also known as the SM-Z910F. By Samsung's logic, a handset in the 1xx range will clearly come with lesser specs than the flagship 9xx series phone.

All that said, unfortunately we don't have any actual details about its innards, so all of the above is more or less speculation.

Now whether the SM-Z130H will ever see the light of day is a complete mystery, especially when you consider how many years have passed since we first heard that Tizen smartphones were coming.

On the other hand, Samsung has said it's still working on Tizen and Tizen-powered devices, so maybe you will one day be able to go into a store and pick up this SM-Z130H. Just don't hold your breath.

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  • Contract

Samsungs use of the word 'Galaxy' is the most off putting as you cannot know except for flagship phones if you have an entry phone, mid range or high end variant As much as Tizen may bring variety, Xiaomi are going for World domination. Wh...

  • Mobile Lover

Whether this low end Tizen device will even see the light still a mystery, after all the delay of Tizen and Samsung Z, i not sure whether Tizen will ever reach consumer market.

  • AnonD-59657

Sammy has lost direction. They just keep on flooding the market with more plastic but just do a little or no update for older devices. This is the beginning of fall for Sammy. Sammy will not last long. Eventually Sammy will withdr...