Luxurious Motorola Aura pops up, yours for $2000

22 Oct, 2008

TThe spanking new luxurious handset Motorola Aura was announced. It's been some time now since Motorola last announced a fashionable handset and since the Aura costs 2000 US dollars it gets all the more exciting.

Motorola Aura is the first handset in the world to feature a round 16M color LCD display. The one-off screen packs a diameter of 1.55 inches. While the size isn't spectacular, its resolution of 480 pixels in diameter definitely sounds impressive.

Motorola Aura revives the design of the already forgotten Motorola V70 and has a stainless steel housing which should be able to compete with the high-flying Nokia 8800 Arte phones. The assisted-opening blade mechanism with a Swiss-crafted main bearing is another construction highlight of the swivel (or rotator as Motorola called it) handset.

The Motorola Aura surface has a protective PVD coating and mirror polish finish (purportedly the same as the ones of luxury watches). The body of the device additionally sports chemically-etched textures and patterns to provide a one-off look.

As usual for an insanely expensive fashion phone the Motorola Aura get easily blown out of the water in terms of features even by some mid-range handsets. It has quad-band GSM support, 2 megapixel fixed focus camera as well as stereo Bluetooth and USB connectivity. There are also 2GB of internal memory and the Motorola proprietary CrystalTalk technology onboard.

Motorola AURA Motorola AURA Motorola AURA Motorola AURA Motorola AURA
Motorola AURA

Motorola Aura is available on preorder from the MOTO Store for a price of 1999.99 US dollars (1500 euro). The actual shipping will begin in December this year so you probably shouldn't hold your breath just yet.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Hey! It's 2017 and this phone is like a trash... Hahahah!! Everything about this phone is garbage.

  • Karthy

This phone proves to be a crap. Look at the features. A 100$ phone has a better features than this. Only the dumbest of the dumb person will buy this phone. I meant to say the people who wants to show off will consider buying this phone.

  • Juan from Argentina

This has to be one of the most beautiful phones i've seen. but the price is a lil bit too high,i dont think it's woth that much unless it's made of white gold which it's not,so i dont understand why would some one pay 2000 bucks for an average phone,...

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