Marshmallow is rolling out for the LG G4 across Europe

Victor, 28 November, 2015

LG is definitely working hard on bringing Android 6.0 Marshmallow to its latest flagship offer. After what was essentially a soak test in Poland and a bigger staged rollout on the company's home market, users are now reporting that the update has started seeding across Europe as well.

The package weighs about 1.55GB and can be obtained through LG Bridge (the OEM's new PC synch software). Judging by user feedback, the update is not available for every unit in Europe quite yet. The lucky few who have obtained the software mostly seem to be from Germany and own the H815. We also came across a list of G4 models that will, allegedly, be part of this first roll-out, but can't really confirm its authenticity:

  • LGH815 PRT PORTUGAL PT Portugal Europe 2015-11-26
  • LGH815 POL POLAND PL Poland Europe 2015-11-26
  • LGH815 ROM ROMANIA RO Romania Europe 2015-11-26
  • LGH815 DEU GERMANY DE Germany Europe 2015-11-26
  • LGH815 EAP AMAZON ES Spain Europe 2015-11-26
  • LGH815 ESP SPAIN ES Spain Europe 2015-11-26
  • LGH815TR TUR TURKEY TR Turkey Mid. East/Africa 2015-11-26
  • LGH815 VDS VODAFONE ES Spain Europe 2015-11-25
  • LGH815 TWN TWN TW Taiwan China 2015-11-25
  • LGH815 VDF VODAFONE GB United Kingdom Europe 2015-11-25
  • LGH815 VIP VIP HR Croatia Europe 2015-11-25
  • LGH815 VDH VODAFONE HU Hungary Europe 2015-11-25
  • LGH815 VDP VODAFONE PT Portugal Europe 2015-11-25
  • LGH815 SWC SWISSCOM CH Switzerland Europe 2015-11-25
  • LGH815 VDR VODAFONE RO Romania Europe 2015-11-25
  • LGH815 VD2 VODAFONE DE Germany Europe 2015-11-25

We already have a fairly good idea of exactly what changes Android 6.0 brings to the handset. Apart from core Marshmallow features, like Dozing and the new app permission model, the LG G4 also has updated Knock Code settings and a few app renames, like QMemo+ in the notification panel, which is now Capture+. An official list of changes, along with screenshot can be found at the second source link.

Source 1 | Source 2


Reader comments

  • AnonD-670577

I updated to v20D via OTA yesterday, my phone was also overheating with v20a and v20b but that problem has disappeared with v20c and v20d. I factory reseted the phone after the update, but battery life is still not so good... It's worst than on lolli...

  • Witek

Download program lgup and you find download rom lp 5.1 from internet

  • bdn

my LG G4, after upgrading to Marsamallow (last April), a days problems, getting hoter and slower, and then completely dead. change the MB, fortunately still in guaranty time. no more Marsmallow

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