Maxon MX-3204

Maxon MX-3204

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  • s09
  • 03 Feb 2013

Kevin, completely discharging a phone is only useful on Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh batteries; newer batteries shouldn't have any problems about being charged while not completely uncharged (and I think that's actually discouraged).

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    • AnonD-22969
    • 3ZQ
    • 19 Oct 2011

    My very first mobile phone back in 1999!

      • v
      • vince
      • vx2
      • 10 Aug 2011

      it is my phone back how many years ago. lol.

        • K
        • KEVIN
        • 9xH
        • 04 Jun 2010

        this was just the best phone ever .... got it when i was 13 years old! loved it so curvatious... best part is if you had time you could discharge the battery and recharge it... awesome no new phone has that feature. not ever upmarket expensive business phones...

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          • Anonymous
          • mAW
          • 25 Jun 2009

          jebzwafu, 01 Aug 2008My very first phone. My mama gave this when i was first yea... moreSame !
          First phone
          Mother give to me first year of high school :)

            • j
            • jebzwafu
            • FMY
            • 01 Aug 2008

            My very first phone. My mama gave this when i was first year high school. The phone is so cool at that time and very reliable. i dropped it a lot of times. i still have it till now, a great memorabilla.

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              • Anonymous
              • Sj6
              • 09 May 2008

              I am afraid this phone is nearly 20 years old! Not even got a memory card port!

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                • Rei
                • j2C
                • 29 Oct 2006

                My first ever phone long long time ago! Then 2 months upgraded to nokia 5110i then 3210, 3310, 8210, 3650, 3100, and now íhave my samsung D900 hehe it all happen in a span of 6years

                  • O
                  • Onytzu
                  • mAW
                  • 23 Mar 2006

                  This phone was my first mobile phone!
                  A verry good phone!
                  But now is too old....

                    • F
                    • Faisel
                    • Tky
                    • 09 Feb 2006

                    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a 1 Gig memory card for this fone? I read a review from a Fone site and it's a million times better than an N70 and it's got 3.2 Megapixel camera. This fone is worth over £800 and It's not even out i England, yet!!! I can't wait to buy it, sack the N92 and N70 and the N91, I want this, now!!!!

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                      • sousa
                      • mFG
                      • 19 Jun 2005

                      the best phone i ever had

                        • S
                        • Salad Fingers
                        • MSR
                        • 22 May 2005

                        If you didnt realise, I was being sarcastic

                          • S
                          • Salad Fingers
                          • MSR
                          • 22 May 2005

                          THIS IS THE BEST PHONE TO BE MADE EVER EVER EVER!! oh my god i just got this phone for my birthday, and i couldn't stop playing and messing about with it. I swapped it for my BT CELLNET which is also like another great phone. Its so big that my mum even had to buy it its own bed! Its usually always charged up every 5 minutes, mainly because i play on it every chance i have. I showed it to all my mates at school and now there so jealous that they keep away from me!!! An its really beautiful...i mean, just look at the black, its lovely. But even if you dont like black, the colour just gets scraped off any way when you handle it! Maxon is the best phone maker ever ever ever ever. I hate their new phones, i love this one. Next year im going to ask for a Nokia 3210!

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                            • Octavian
                            • 29 Jun 2004

                            Good performance but low features.Not even clock or calculator.

                              • B
                              • Benoit Gosuin
                              • 17 Dec 2003

                              Good day
                              I have a old maxon Movistar type MX-3000
                              The antenna is broken. Where can I get spares in Belgium or on the web.

                                • a
                                • andrada
                                • 16 Jul 2003

                                hy..i don`t like it because he don`t have alram and clock

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                                  • cata
                                  • 09 Jul 2003

                                  It is a crap because i cannot find any ringtones for it.

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                                    • collins
                                    • 08 Nov 2002

                                    Please could i receive a contact address of the maxon phone company.I need to replace battery.MX 3024 type.I am resident in Nigeria.

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                                      • rogo
                                      • 25 Oct 2002

                                      It stinks!

                                        • c
                                        • chris
                                        • 22 Oct 2002

                                        I think it is a good phone for the younger users. As they are so simple to use.