Maxon MX-A30

Maxon MX-A30

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  • Nue
  • 20 Apr 2017

David Wightman, 03 Jul 2004Quite possibly the most unreliable phone ever released . On... moreI bought mine in 2006 and used it till 2009 I loved it to the moon and back. Although it it's problems were switching off, games hanging, battery becoming hot. But I loved it

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    • John Lusha
    • mib
    • 13 Mar 2006

    The phone I have was bought under the label 02 though I had to brouse on the Internet to discover that it is MX-A30. I love it so much because of its features, design and lightness. But the main problem is the battary. I am tired of recharging the battery more often than any other phone I have ever possessed. Where can I buy a battery that can last at least two days!

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      • James
      • 2EP
      • 11 Dec 2005

      It has the PC link feature which is enable a user to exchange the image/ringtone.

        • k
        • killout
        • n2F
        • 05 Oct 2005

        is one of the best phones on that price and that functions. The photos are verrrrrry gooooood :) and the design is perfect, so... i think that the low price + the best design can make you pass the software bugs (not many) only in the games, but, hey! who needs phone games when you have a pc? :)

          • g
          • gazbo
          • MSP
          • 08 Aug 2005

          more a Q.
          Wife got one, do they do a pc download lead for this? can'f find one anywhere !

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            • Muhammad Fayyaz
            • PI2
            • 09 Jun 2005

            I got this phone twenty days ago, it is very cheap as compared to its features. I was feeling proud to have one beautiful set in my hand. Today it made me diappointed when it started automatically going off. I thought it is a low battery problem. I replaced the battery. Now when I click it "On" , it starts and gots held. All keys , no active. It gets incomming call, displays CLI, but I can not accept or reject the call due to inactive keys. To put it "Off" ,I have to remove the battery.

            I do not know, what the hell happened with it. I tried to contact the Maxon web site, but all the e-mail addresses mentioned there are wrong.

            I feel now , myself very diappointed.
            If any body , so nice, kindly advice me, "What to do?"

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              • Sengoku
              • mse
              • 09 Jun 2005

              As said before to the UK this an O2-X1 phone. I have had nothing but trouble with it and would recommend anyone contemplating it to go and buy a decent phone. Closing the phone while playing a java game will corrupt the game and randomly switch the mobile off, writing a message is slow and clunky, the only way to get pictures off the phone is by MMS (could not find a data cable for love nor money) phone would randomly switch itself off for no reason, sometimes recieved messages would not be announced.

              I will admit the phone looks pretty nice and it has pretty good mobile web access and handles new ringtones and java games (while not a smooth as on other mobiles) quite nicely but it lets itself down on software.

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                • nick
                • mpE
                • 03 Jan 2005

                get one then!!! dont post on here about it!!! wtf do you want us to do?

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                  • agapity msando
                  • 28 Oct 2004

                  i need phone from maxon

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                    • talib
                    • 30 Sep 2004

                    i am looking for a charger for this phone any one know where i can get it

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                      • Catalin
                      • 26 Sep 2004

                      I have the phone in my hands right now, and I can say it's one of the best phones I ever had... |Romanian txt| Am telefon chiar acum in mana, si pot spune ca este unul dintre cele mai bune telefoane pe care le-am avut.

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                        • silviu boldea
                        • 22 Sep 2004

                        very bad.

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                          • rick
                          • 30 Jul 2004

                          this phone ROCKS!!!!! in and alternative universe ha ha ha ha....better luck next time rubbish Maggott

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                            • Neil S
                            • 07 Jul 2004

                            This cellular wireless telephone was launched in the United Kingdom by mm02 as the O2 X1, and I would advise against it. Why? A lot of these cellular handsets were returned and refunded because the software was severely bugged.

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                              • David Wightman
                              • 03 Jul 2004

                              Quite possibly the most unreliable phone ever released . On xmas eve 2003 I sold 75 of these handsets (granted they were a very popular xmas gift). It is now July and I have had 73 returns , I presume the other 2 customers don't know they have a warranty. Absolutely Awful!!

                              David Wightman

                              ActivMobile Carlisle , UK

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 17 Apr 2004

                                hey isnt this the new o2 phone in the uk?