Maxon MX-C160

Maxon MX-C160

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  • dubi

am in Uganda and i have it but the light is off.can the light fibre be repaired?.

  • nour

the worst mobile i have ever seen in my lifegabbage,i have a piece lieing and no body can repair

  • Anonymous

Possibly the smallest phone on the market.
Phone lasted about 1 year. Battery lasts only 2 days, reception is really bad, texting is really difficult but it has a very loud ring and vibrate.
Cool to own if you want to attract some girls.

  • zippy

I've been told by MAXON EUROPE that they should have the handsets in soon and will roughly be around £90.

  • zippy

Out of this and the 7922 and 7920 it's the newest. I'm trying to find one at a reasonable price. Anyone who has it care to let us know where you got it from?

  • dito

of course...This phone have Dutch T9 function...

but it is not include Java function..


  • janjaap

I know that i can select a dutch menu but
can i use this phone with Dutch T9 function?

  • dito

this phone have 40 poly, not 16 poly..

  • Vidar

hi! I am very interesting in buying a new Maxon MX-C160. please contact me if some one knows where or if u can sell one.. best // vidar, Sweden

  • laura

hii..i would just like to know where this phone is avaliable..and how much would it approximately cost ?

  • kay

Anybody from denmark? i can see now that this phone is avaible, finally!
You who is from switzerland, dont you have a homepage or something so I can read something about you and your business..?
You`r the only one who says they have this phone..Nobody else seems to seel it..

  • james a yates

excellent phone and different when ya out very easy to use just one question can you get a data cable to pc ?

  • mohammed

i just like the phone is very nice and is not comon in town.

  • p

can sell it for about 500CHF. leave message on this page if you're interested. so i can contact you. i'm from switzerland and sell mobile phones as a private business. best. p

  • cathleen

maxon mx-c160->how much?(Taiwan)

  • katja

Where can I buy this maxon phone? I really like this phone but cant find anything about it on the internet. And when can I buy it..