Maxon MX-C90

Maxon MX-C90

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  • dio

it was released in 2008. what do you expect? Jellybean? hahahah!

  • miyayajones

this is the ugliest yuckiest phone that i have ever seen..

  • Anonymous

yes erk....yes!!! love that!!hahaha

  • MTV

Erk, 29 May 2008Please MTV, pimp my Maxon!!!We won't, cuz it sucks.

  • Erk

Please MTV, pimp my Maxon!!!

  • *

Looks like something i would give my 4 year old cousin to play with

  • Anonymous

To whom it may concern.
I hear by write in request for maxon c90 manual. I purchased this phone some time last month but it had a maxon mx7220,21,24... manual insted of its model kind.Please send it to my e-mail box.I would be glad if my request is given a room for concideration. Thank you.


Is this phone for the new generation? The company should include atleast infrared port, and apart from that they should also increase the resolution of the camera, which is really poor,,,, IF the phone had 1.5 mp camera and mp3 player, then this Stylish phone could have done business.

  • ravee

guyz good work the only thing is missing is bluetooth try to add

  • JvJ

Looks like a concellation keyring you would win at a carnaval. no features, A phone with an aerial is a total no these days.

These companys need to step up and realise what people are buying.

Its a fashionable phone for your 12 year old neice.

JvJ Uk

  • Mic

this is shit phone. Dont waste ur money on it! Honestly!!!

  • wale lado

how can i get to buy your phone

  • candice

hi i am interested in ur mx-c90 phone. i was wondering the price of this phone and is it in stock?

contact be back please!
thank you

  • Peter Dim

Please i need to know the price of Maxon c90 and the hand book in English . please send it to my mail Box
thanks for

  • Thulani Tshabalala

Will this phone be brought to South Africa.If not then who can I speak to in terms of bringing the phone to South Africa?.

  • Bon Jovi

crusty phone

  • richard appiah

call thi # 028218622 ask for richard

  • StevenUK

That is a very nice looking phone anyone know when its avaliable ?

  • long


  • cudos

short of words how i wish i had it all