Maxwest Astro 3.5

Maxwest Astro 3.5

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256MB RAM in 2015?

    • A
    • Andrea
    • qbv
    • 13 Jun 2018

    It's been a great little phone, except for surfing the net. Way too small for that. Fills up fast. Not much room for a lot of apps. Great as a phone and for listening to music out loud, as the sound is pretty nice compared to many.

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • NUw
      • 23 Jun 2016

      just got the phone ,and one morning it desides to lock,get back to me,

        • s
        • sparky
        • Y1w
        • 26 Feb 2016

        bought this phone a couple of months ago. I have never been able to answer a call with it. It immediately goes to voice mail as soon as it wrings. Also it seems to flop wherever it wants when ever I'm online. A complete disappointment. My flip top Nokia was a gem but can't use with new towers. Will be shopping for a new Samsung soon.

          • D
          • AnonD-474150
          • Ycp
          • 09 Dec 2015

          i got one of these and a sd card and it won't let me download anything with it this phone is bad

            • C
            • Chris
            • kWI
            • 03 Dec 2015

            I had purchased this phone from store in Canada. The android KitKat is not 4.2, I had looked at the specs it said. 4.4 on it. The device I used for just one day and decided to return it for the following reasons.
            1. The gallery has some problem with it as I could not see my pictures from my sd card that I had taken from my previous good phones that I had saved in the sd. So only when I try to pinch zoom on my old pictures, it goes very blurry.
            2. I did download 2 other gallery apps from the google market but zooming in my pictures are still blurry.
            3. The 2.0 mega pixel camera is the same as a Samsung camera at 2.0 but the led flash is absolutely useless. Doesn't take fair pics in low light. So using the camera during day time hours is better.
            4. Last thing is how can it be 256mb of ram when it sais 144 in the phone specs. That one thing I hate about false phone advertising.
            Facts: The battery is pretty good just normal messages gave me two days battery.
            However I chose to return the phone. I not certain about Maxwest, but I think they are the low grade company that makes Coolpad phones and ol Maxwell audio tapes and headphones.
            Wish: For all phones that have just 1 unlock button, I still say for phones of today that all touch phones should either have 2 unlock buttons or a touch wakeup and a unlock button. Advice: If anyone has bought this phone and if they share the same exp on the gallery pinch zoom of their photos that turn out blur please leave a comment.