Maxwest Nitro 55M

Maxwest Nitro 55M

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  • Dobre

What the hell is Maxwest?

  • parrotgeek1

Macbeth, 28 Jul 2018What happened to Maxwest? Why haven't they released another... moreThey have; GSMArena just stopped updating this section. I emailed them about it.

  • Max West

This was an unexpected surprise...

What happened to Maxwest? Why haven't they released another phone in over a year and a half?

  • ty dolla

do you have the cheapest phone available

  • astep7

After 1yr of use the phone battery is swollen. The phone is constantly turns off. Where do I can get battery?

  • mainstreet

my battery is swollen. Cant use my phone. How do I get battery.

  • anonymous

1 gb only : (

  • Picasso

Yes ...I would lije to know how to send app and pictures to sd card memory .... I am not able to find the way how tondo it like other phines does

  • Anonymous

How send apps to SD card and make ur SD us default storage

  • Anonymous

Hmm... no Maxwest phone has over 1Gb of RAM.
I guess it would still be okay.. for very light use.

  • doge

great phone. many wow. much screen. so many sea shell on pictures. super happy.