Maxwest Tab Phone 72DC

Maxwest Tab Phone 72DC

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  • Kale

If i want to it work with a sim card ,do i have to take it to any cellphone company ir jst introduce the card?

  • Anonymous

good power saver

  • Rocky

I think 8 begs of ram and 3.2 geg CPU qaud core processor plus HTC boom sound and
That maxwest is mine!!!!!

  • Vic

my camera has stopped working....dont know why

  • ec

i have this tablet phone and its awesome i love it its great for people that dont want to lug around a laptop to study and have to deal with a cell phone too and it has

  • JuanTamad

its a greate idea migrating phone with tablet

  • spannerotoole

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2013It might just be an age thing but the question which i sti... moreTrust me, this is not a good tablet, it's a nice concept, for example, vision impaired users might appreciate the large screen with phone functionality, but a good tablet this is not.

  • Anonymous

will this work on philippines?. it nice thing to carry on.. please reply. tnx.. :)

  • Anonymous

It might just be an age thing but the question which i still find ahad to understand is this:
Why do people need a 6/7 or 8" tab/phone?
This is just a case of showing off with new technology should it not suppose to get smaller fast and better instead its going backwards.
oh dont know too much about the 72DC so comment, just having a moan........peace