Mediatek and TSMC to produce 7nm chipsets

Yordan, 10 March 2017

MediaTek announced the Helio X30 last summer and we are expecting the first phones with it to come in Q2 2017. Now we hear the Chinese is planning a major jump forward with its next SoC. The new chipset will be made on a 7nm process and will have 12 cores, sources report.

The report says that Mediatek and TSMC are working together in bringing an even more efficient chipset to life. The 7nm SoC will have 12 cores, up from 10 in the Helio X30. Despite experiencing unsatisfactory yield rates for TSMC’s 10nm process, Mediatek will keep working together with the Taiwan company for its next-generation SoC.

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  • Anonymous

The GPU in the X30 is a (powervr gt7400 plus) it's a quad core with 128 ALU's but it can process FP16 instructions at 256 speeds. The gpu although is not very powerful it's about on par with a adreno 420 which also uses 128 ALU's. It can support 8-bi...

  • Anonymous

iPhone 6 uses a quad cores GPU PowerVR GT6450...Not an hexa... GT7 serie is a huge improvement with unified shaders, tesselation... Due to 2 more cores and the improvement, I think Apple keep the same frequencies... (And as Apple A10 raise the ...

  • Anonymous

Agree on others soc from Spreadtrum... But I think it's not a Spreadtrum but an Intel soc under Spreadtrum brand. As only chineese companies which sell in China can take advantage of jugement against Qualcomm about FRAND on China... Foreign ...

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