MediaTek Dimensity 8250 unveiled: a reworked Dimensity 8200

Peter, 15 May 2024

MediaTek has refreshed the Dimensity 8200 chipset from late 2022 under the name ‘Dimensity 8250’. The original chip stood out back in its day as it was MediaTek’s first 4nm chipset below the 9000-series.

This one is also fabbed on a 4nm TSMC node (N4) and looking at the spec sheets for both the 8200 and 8250, we don’t see much beyond an upgrade in model number.

The chip is still a solid mid-range offering with four Cortex-A78 cores (one at 3.1GHz, the other three at 3.0GHz) and four Cortex-A55 (at 2.0GHz). The GPU is more impressive with a Mali-G610 MC6 configuration. The display driver supports up to FHQ+ displays at 180Hz or QHD+ displays at 120Hz.

Phones with the Dimensity 8250 (as with the 8200) can be configured with quad-channel LPDDR5 RAM (up to 6,400Mbps) and UFS 3.1 storage.

MediaTek Dimensity 8250, a reworked Dimensity 8200

On the camera side of things, the ISP does HDR processing in 14-bits and can handle sensors as big as 320MP or three 32MP cameras simultaneously. When paired with a high resolution main sensor, the chipset brings 2x lossless zoom.

4K video recording is available at up to 60fps and the chip has built-in AV1 decoding at up to 4K (more important now than ever after YouTube switched over to AV1). The display adapter also handles HDR10+ Adaptive and there is built in SDR-to-HDR conversion – with AI, which also does noise reduction for videos.

Like the rest of its Dimensity siblings, this one has a 5G modem on board with up to 4.7Gbps downlink speeds. Local connectivity is handled by three-band Wi-Fi 6E (ax, 2x2) and Bluetooth 5.3 (with Bluetooth LE Audio).

The chipset features the MediaTek APU 580 for AI computation and it has been optimized to work in short bursts to keep thermals and power usage in check.

The first Dimensity 8250 chipset is just around the corner – the Oppo Reno12 is coming on May 23 (Thursday next week). The Reno12 Pro will use the “Dimensity 9200+ Star Speed Edition” instead.



Reader comments

Mediatek lost it. Dirty tactics, keep refreshing names indicating that new chipsets are better than old numbers, but it's same crap, duck Mediatek.

  • Sure
  • 7 hours ago
  • CbI

Yes, but the other guy thought it was a chinese thing that mtk has this naming scheme and the guy replying to him says to look amd up, but they both chinese so idk why he said that.

And? Qualcomm and Intel also has a confusing naming scheme, despites having a real American CEO.

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