Mediatek purchases power management chip business from Intel

Yordan, 17 November 2020

Intel sold its smartphone modem business to Apple last year, and now the it's offloading another chip-related division. In a press release, Mediatek announced it has purchased Enpirion - Intel’s power management chip business for the price of $85 million. The deal is ready to go through once approved by regulators.

Mediatek purchases power management chip business from Intel

The Envision business provides an integrated high-frequency power solution for FPGA circuits, SoC, CPU, and ASIC. To put it simply, the division offers power management tools for chips in devices that come with a power supply, often from a battery.

The acquisition was done through Mediatek’s subsidiary Richtek and aims to improve the overall scale of operations of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

This deal is unlikely to have a massive impact on the smartphone market but would boost Mediatek’s positions and hopefully competitiveness. Google, for example, has already contacted the maker for “a more complete solution” for the server market and expand those solutions to the world of 5G modems.



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OK. I see, that makes sense. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

orange can't do it after Jan 20

  • Anonymous

You can find source code of all the devices with Mediatek's officially released in western countries...(from Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Nokia...). It takes a couple of minutes. OEM spread device and software to public, OEM has to release sourc...

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