MediaTek unveils its first mmWave modem - the M80 can reach 7.67 Gbps downlink speeds

Peter, 02 February 2021

MediaTek just unveiled its first mmWave modem, the M80. It’s capable of hitting peak speeds of 7.67 Gbps downlink and 3.76 Gbps uplink. It supports the sub-6 flavor of 5G as well, of course, but it’s mmWave that sets it apart from previous M70 modem.

The M80 supports dual SIM operation where both SIM cards can be connected to NSA or SA networks and both can do calls using Voice over New Radio (VoNR). Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) is available for networks without dedicated 5G bands (DSS allows carriers to combine 4G and 5G on the same band).

The M80 is MediaTek's first mmWave modem
The M80 is MediaTek's first mmWave modem

Two features will dynamically tune the power configuration of the modem based on usage and network conditions. Those are UltraSave Network Environment Detection and UltraSave OTA Content Awareness.

Sample M80 modems will be sent to companies for testing later this year. Besides smartphones, the M80 will also be used in laptops, Mi-Fi hotspots and other devices. MediaTek did not reveal which Dimensity chipset will be the first to integrate the M80 (Dimensity 2000, perhaps?).



Reader comments

Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Feb 2021
  • 4Am

They might own a specific implementation of it, but the overall spec for 5G was designed by a consortium of companies, not just one. e.g. If McDonalds and a bunch of other restaurants got together to define a burger, McDonalds still can produce ...

I meant the tech.

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