MeeGo PR 1.2 now seeding to developers, out in a month

17 January, 2012

We've got some great news for the MeeGo fans out there. The expected Nokia N9 PR 1.2 update has completed yet another stage of its evolution and has now started seeding.

Unfortunately, it's still only a developer-preview version, so you'd need to be a registered MeeGo developer who owns the N950 developer platform to get it, but the final release shouldn't be too far away now. Normally, it takes a month or a month and a half of testing, before such beta versions graduate.

The changelog for PR1.2 includes app folders, video calling support, better camera and gallery and improved copy/paste functionality with brackets. As you see this is quite a major step forward for the Nokia N9, so the excitement is quite understandable.

Nokia is obviously going to take good care of the N9, which is great news for all the owners, but it's bringing mostly sadness to the rest of the geek world thinking what could have been had Nokia stuck with the platform.

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