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Many are asking about bands supported by Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China). I have the Google certified global version with GMS & Playstore pre-installed. My unit is India specific, supports dual SIM with dual 4G VoLTE.

Model: M882H
Capacity: 8/128 GB

a) GSM: B2/ B3/ B5/ B8
b) WCDMA: B1/ B2/ B4/ B5/ B8
c) CDMA: BC0
d) TD-LTE: B40
e) FDD-LTE: B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B7/ B8/ B20

Hope it helps!!!

Lolmagooza, 15 Jul 2021Didn't even last two years, sad.My Meizu 16th is over 2 years old and works just fine. One of the finest piece of flagship grade engineering marvel at bargain basement price.

Even with a big 6 inch no-notch display, the phone is so compact and slim. The deign aesthetics surpass anything from other Chinese manufacturers. The other thing I like about this phone is its potent audio capabilities. It is the last Meizu flagship which arrived with an audio jack with great audio quality. The Qualcomm's best flagship audio processor Aqstic WCD9341 delivers here at full potential with Meizu's own signature audio tuning. Listening with quality headphones like SoundMagic E80C will make your jaw drop in terms of audio fidelity. It is right up there with LG's QuadDAC. The dual stereo speakers are great with dedicated Cirrus Logic CS35L41 mono audio amplifiers on each side.

The things I don't like about this phone is PWM flickering on the otherwise great Samsung AMOLED display. Causes eye strain on dimly lit conditions. The other one is only 3010 mAh battery by today's standards, as a minimum of 4000 mAh was required. But then the phone would not have been so compact and slim.

  • Lolmagooza

Didn't even last two years, sad.

chUnCHEn, 02 Apr 2021Really nice phones....but very disappointed at the makers f... moreBro .. you are having a flagship device for $240, what more do you expect ?

When I bought my Meizu 16th I always knew the phone will never be receiving any software updates. And I was OK with that provided the dirt cheap price I paid for it.

Really nice phones....but very disappointed at the makers for not giving the phones updates :( not even a security patch.

RishiGuru, 06 Jan 2021I tested my Meizu 16th (8/128 GB, Indian variant with dual ... moreFrom what i see my ip8+ and mi8 do occasionally the same depending light conditions Samsung's also... But not my asus zoom 3 553kl real manual camera and 10+ sot.. so i ll live with that.. thank you

chris ll, 05 Jan 2021 simply covered zoom camera and it was stiil shooting .. no... moreI tested my Meizu 16th (8/128 GB, Indian variant with dual 4G VoLTE support) and it does use the rear telephoto lens (Sony IMX350) during 2X or 3X zoom.

Just do not expect the primary sensor (Sony IMX380) to shut off entirely during zooming. Rather the telephoto lens helps the main sensor to take better zoomed pictures. If I hide the telephoto with my finger and then enable 2X or 3X zoom, for a fraction of a second the screen goes red as the telephoto is blocked before jumping to primary IMX380. If I unhide both sensors and then zoom, it will be a seamless zoom as the camera app is shooting some pictures using telephoto lens before jumping to the primary sensor and showing you the zoomed scene on the display.

I know there are flagship smartphones using Snapdragon 845 with better cameras and battery life. Personally I have zero complaints after owning one at just $240 brand new.

To me Meizu 16th is a meticulously well crafted phone, polished and well designed phone. It has a level of attention to detail that is very hard to come by like pure symmetric design language. In short it is not just a bunch of specs showed into a metal frame. Even the Ceramic Black color is unique, I own many flagship grade black color phones from different brands twice the price of this Meizu but none cam match the authenticity of the Meizu black.

RishiGuru, 21 Dec 2020How are you so sure that the Sony IMX380 main camera is not... more simply covered zoom camera and it was stiil shooting .. not something special in result i gave it back .. my Xiaomi Mi8 takes better stills and battery on par with my Iphone 8 plus..

chris ll, 03 Dec 20202x 3x cameras r not working cause it takes photos and video... moreHow are you so sure that the Sony IMX380 main camera is not using the telephoto Sony IMX350 while zooming 2X or 3X?

As far as i know using the IMX350 telephoto lens with a primary IMX380, Meizu 16th phone's camera can get closer to the action without any moving parts. On a standard digital camera, for example, you would see the lens extend as it zoomed in.

2x 3x cameras r not working cause it takes photos and video from croping the 1x camera.. 8.1 global.. any ideas?? thank you

exg0rd, 08 Oct 2020I've been using this phone for almost two years and wo... moreGreat review of Meizu 16th!!! Thanks.

As an owner who paid $240 for this piece of timeless jewel I have no complaints. For its price its punches well above and competes with $500 phone segment in terms of raw performance. And in just looks and craftsmanship it competes with $750 phones.

Things I like:
1) Metal glass sandwich design using premium flagship materials.

2) Pure symmetric design and overall craftsmanship

3) The AMOLED display. I am yet to experience any burn-in uses.

4) Even in 2020, Snapdragon 845 + 8 gigs of RAM makes a powerful combo. So a performance powerhouse.

5) I also want to point out, 16th is very good for gaming. Gaming requires sustained high performance. This requires use of metal frames, copper heat chambers and multi layers heat dissipation materials inside the phone. 16th uses multi-layer copper & graphite sheets inside the phone. This along with copper heat chamber & metal body helps to absorb heat from the SD845 and provide sustained performance. 16th performance is true flagship.

6) Very capable cameras for its price.

7) Stereo speakers which are loud and beautiful sounding.

8) 16th is the last flagship from Meizu to offer an audio jack. Very good audio quality from the jack with a dedicated flagship Qualcomm WCD9341 audio chip inside.

9) Reasonable fast charging with the supplied 18 watts wall charger.

Things I don't like:
1) Seeing how tiny the overall dimensions of the phone while holding a big 6 inch display, Meizu to me have performed a miracle. However small dimensions, thin and light weight for better ergonomics, stereo speakers, centrally mounted rear camera assembly for design purity all ended up eating valuable space inside the phone, leaving just enough space to cram a small 3000 mAh battery by today's standards. I would have preferred if Meizu 16th would have given up some of its compactness or thinness and provided us with at bigger 4500 mAh battery.

2) Meizu's Flyme OS is good and gets the job done. But the OS is not so well optimized like that of Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi & Huawei. Power optimization also needs to be better. Also expect no software updates for the global versions. I am still stuck with Android 8.1 with this phone. But I cannot complain for the price I paid.

Overall very happy with the purchase. Would I buy future flagships from Meizu? That's a question worth the weight of gold. If I get steal deals like the one I got with 16th, I may very well buy their next flagship.

  • exg0rd

I've been using this phone for almost two years and would like to share my opinion about it.
1) Screen.
It is a 6-inch vibrant, high-quality FullHD+ Samsung OLED 60Hz screen. Had no problems with it, however there's a slight burn in the top section (wifi, battery, time icons etc.). 8/10.
2) Design.
Premium, expensive-looking phone with glass back panel and super-thin slightly curved bezels. Top bezels are symmetrical, so it is a perfectly symmetrical phone without a notch or a punch hole camera. The main cameras are in the center, so if you have big hands like I do, try not to cover the main 12MP bottom camera with your fingers, because rarely you can slightly see them on your photo. I'd also suggest using a back cover and a screen protector, because the screen glass is easily scratchable for some reason. I have a black version, which is better in my opinion, as bezels are also black and blend with the screen. The smartphone is also really thin and light, 8/10
3) Performance and battery life
Snapdragon 845 is still very capable in 2020 and I had zero lags, Throttling is really low and the cooling system is efficient. Battery life is not the best (4-8 hours of screen time), so fast charging comes handy. 7/10
4) Camera.
Camera quality is amazing for 2018 and still very good for 2020. The main 12MP sensor is capable of macro photos, low-light photos. Images are vibrant, detailed and overall are fine. Video quality is capped at 4K30fps or 1080p30fps, but this phone has OIS and it is awesome. Second 20MP camera is used for portrait shots, so I did not find many good uses for it, 9/10
5) UI and extra.
UI is Flyme 7, nice, fast, almost bloatware-free UI. However, do not expect any Global firmware support. If you want, you can install newest Flyme 8 daily firmware based on Android 10 (not Android 8.1), but be ready to experience some problems or bugs. I had almost no problems with its preinstalled firmware and it did not lack anything I needed.
Note that this phone has a 3.5mm jack and under-display fingerprint scaner. Sound quality is high and the scaner is decent, although I prefer passwords more. 9/10.
6) Overall
In conclusion, Meizu 16th is a decent and cheap, but still capable and beautiful phone even in 2020 and if you are limited in your budget, consider purchasing it, as it is safe to say one of the best budget smartphones, better than Redmi, Vivo, Oppo or Realme budget phones. 9/10.

  • john

RishiGuru, 07 Sep 2020You can perform all of these with the Meizu 16th.just meizu 16th ?
like i cant do these things with 16 ?

Clayton, 01 Sep 2020I purchased this phone for $250 and it's blazing fast.... moreI admit for $240 I paid, Meizu 16th is a superb device. Spec wise it checks all the boxes with SD845, 8 gigs of LPDDR4x RAM and 128 gigs of UFS 2.1 storage. Gaming is superlative on this device. Mine is a spanking new device with global ROM. GMS certified & Google Playstore pre-installed.

For 16/16th, Meizu will jump straight from Android 8.1 to Android 10 for China ROM. If it does the same for global ROM, it will be God sent.

john, 05 Sep 2020flyme the global in 2020 is it customizable? like setting... moreYou can perform all of these with the Meizu 16th.

  • john

flyme the global in 2020
is it customizable?
like setting ur download pic and media as wallpaper
or setting a custom ring tone
or downloading apks from online app markets .....stuff like that

  • Clayton

I purchased this phone for $250 and it's blazing fast. It benchmarked at 8325 which is only 1300 points below the rog 2 phone (priced at $800).

Yasir , 31 Aug 2020Should I buy this phone in 2020 ? I found it for 200$ You can give it a try. Whether it is the right choice to go for Meizu 16th in 2020 is open for debate. When you are spending just US $200 on a this level of flagship worthy hardware, not to mention the built quality something has to go. In Meizu's case it is the Android version upgrades, as every upgrade version costs a lot to the company.

I bought a brand new Meizu 16/16th for just $240. I am very happy with the purchase even considering the phone runs on Android 8.

  • Yasir

Should I buy this phone in 2020 ?
I found it for 200$

dukpa, 10 Jun 2020"Meizu 16th - about, how to root and Gapps." https://forum.... moreAny news on Meizu 16th global variants receiving Android 10? I know the Chinese variants are going to receive the same.